Friday, March 11, 2005

Our little helper

In many ways throughout the day Ellie tries to be a helper. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not so much. Tonight she was in the kitchen as Jake was getting supper ready (Yes, this bug has still got me down and out) she told him, "Daddy, everything is where it should be in our house. This (the stove) should be here, this ( the sink) should be here, etc." And as she made her way around the kitchen she confirmed that everything was in it's proper spot. Until she noticed a juice pitcher out on the counter, "OH! This isn't supposed to be there!!!" She quickly toted it away to the fridge and pronounced, "There!"

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Takin down the big one... now it won't get away! Posted by Hello

Bella, just watchin' and wishin'! Posted by Hello

This is Doodle and sound-somewhere where dreams come true... Posted by Hello

We'll give it a try...

Because life can get so very quiet with three children at home, I thought I would give blogging a try.
Some days the stories from within these walls could bring a smile, and sometimes they will just make you tired. We're a busy crew!
We'll see what will come of this new venture... it may become Noah's daily writing assignment!