Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tex Mex Chicken Chili

I tried a new (and very easy) recipe the other night that was an instant favorite. I got it out of Jake's staff cookbook... but will give it to you with our alterations:

Tex Mex Chicken Chili

1 1/2 lbs boneless skinless chicken cut into small pieces (The original recipe didn't specify cooked, but I did poach it.)
1 can (15 oz.) tomatoes with juice (home canned pint)
1 can black olives (omitted by the Dahls... I would have been eating all the picked out black olives...)
1 can black beans
1 envelope taco seasoning
1 cup frozen corn
1 onion, diced
peppers, if desired

(I added 2 cups of water at this point as we are more soup eaters than stew eaters. The original recipe was called "Chicken Chili Stew" and no water was added.)

Cook 7-9 hours in a slow cooker. Add cream cheese at the end if a creamier result is desired. (We didn't - just added shredded cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips at the table.)

Mmmm... Soups are so good! This seemed so healthy (at least until I added cheese and sour cream), and the kids loved it. Can't beat having supper ready to go by 8 am!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Update

It's a cold, windy and rainy day in the Northwoods. The kind where you kind of wish you had a fireplace and unlimited hot cocoa. And candles.

I let the little ones escape to the basement to watch Sesame Street before we officially begin our day. After all, isn't that show the 4-year-old-kindergarten of an entire generation? That and a loving stay-at-home mom were my 4K!

Not much to report... It was picture day yesterday at school. Doodle's first-grade photo is destined to be my favorite ever as those newly-lost front teeth will be front and center. Noodle claims he had a hard-core serious look... Jake thinks he's just trying to get my goat. We'll see in 3 weeks!

We have a quiet weekend ahead of us. The boys are attending the Fall Festival at our local camp tomorrow (they are very excited). Jake, Bella and I will cut wood (A Dahl family fall tradition that is necessary, yet fun). I hope there's a little lunch outing involved!

Happy fall to all...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Dahl funny of the week

This summer our family increased by two as we brought a pair of kitties into our home. After a short adjustment period Maya (the 5 yr. old calico) has done wonderfully. She's beautiful (I'll post a photo another time) and sweet. Jack, on the other hand, has been trouble. He was the sweetest little handful of orange kitten when we brought him home, but has since become a wild child who attacks passing ankles and poops defiantly behind the dryer.

Darn boy cat...
I've blamed every bad behavior on his maleness.

I'm eating those words.
We brought him in to get fixed and declawed on Monday only to find out "he" is a she.

Meet our crazy GIRL cat, Mango...

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

We're back!

After a 2 1/2 month hiatus the Dahls are back to doodling about our lives. We had a fabulous summer and are back into a fall routine. Doodle and I are working hard at first grade with Bella joining us for "preschool." Jake and Noodle are back at school during the days- Jake in his TENTH year teaching and Noah in third grade.
All is well with us. The Lord is so good.

Here is a photo from a "mystery outing" we took the kids on towards the end of summer:

Now I'm going to TRY to be better about posting photos and news about our lives... To keep our friends and family informed. We love you all! Posted by Picasa

He's still got it!

My dear husband had a chance to put his football finesse to the test yesterday when his name was drawn for the "Kick for Cash" challange at the high school football game. At halftime he had to start at the opposing 40 yard line and with one kick and one throw had to be able to be in position to kick a field goal. He actually had to throw back upfield after his kick to get a better angle, and made a perfect field goal!

Here he is (yes, I made him pose with the check- it's blurry because the Vikings are on and he's trembling with excitement... ), my stud...

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Missing: Two front teeth

Doodle has just begun his first grade year. He's doing great. We are striving for diligence and neatness! :)

The biggest change so far though has been his smile... Isn't it cute?

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