Saturday, July 30, 2005

We're home.

We rolled in last night about 11pm. It's really good to be back, but what a great month we had. I'll get to posting photos after we have clean socks and underwear, there is something other than condiments in the fridge, and our van is "Honey- Bunches-of-Oats"-free (I know, I know, What were we thinking?). Can't wait to catch up with you all!

Friday, July 15, 2005

We've had a very enjoyable week! Though we're still waiting on our cards, we've really been enjoying lots of free fun, like a new park we found right here in Victor, drives into Jackson, sightings of buffalo, and a moose and her calf, time spent at a National Fish Hatchery in Jackson, time spent catching inch long fish and tadpoles with our hands in a natural warm springs... all for free! The house is really coming along, with hopes of the roof panels being put on today. Tomorrow is a huge art festival in Jackson, and we are also going to check out Teton Village (up even higher into the Tetons).

The beauty is awesome. To wake up every day in this setting is such a gift. The other night I needed to do a quick run to Idaho Falls for stain, and the entire time was either driving along the gorgeous Snake River or through the Big Hole mountain pass. I had MWS Worship and Worship 2 blasting, no kids along and the beauty nearly brought me to tears. I am so thankful to be here! I can't belive it's already been two weeks!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Hitch in our step

So we were merrily enjoying our week last week, oblivious until Friday that sometime between Monday and Friday Jake's wallet went missing. Could have been stolen, thought no funny activity has happened on either our check or credit card. Thankfully we are staying with his brother and sister-in-law, who are wonderful and very generously offered to just cover us until we can have new cards issued. Thankfully we have a wonderful friend back home who lovingly agreed to send us the cards, as the bank is unable to send them to any other than our home address. (I owe you, MH!!!) So, here we are in Victor, finding wonderful ways to pass the time without a cent to our name!

The house is coming fabulously... Cori and I spent Saturday staining tounge and groove for the ceilings. We are sunburned, but got a lot done. There is much more to stain tonight, so we're planning an "All-out-adult-assault" on the remaining pieces.

Please continue to pray for us all. The kids have had a great day. The weather continues to be gorgeous. We are thankful to be here. We miss you all!

Friday, July 08, 2005


After being away for the past three days, Jake is "home" with us today, and it is amazing to me what his presence does! Granted, we spent the morning at the park, where the kids ran and played hard, but there has been nary an argument amongst them! It's very humbling to realize that I must bring out their worst...

After the three hour park rendevous, I dropped the family at home and went to the laundromat and read for close to an hour. Then decided to stop by the library for my computer fix... I haven't said a word now for about and hour and a half, and I love it. Does anyone else tire of hearing their own voice? This is sweet silence!

Last night Jake worked until about 7 at the house. The timberframing is really coming along. I wish I could share photos, an will upon our return. The house is huge and beautiful and it's fun to watch the progress. When he got back we went over to Jackson for the evening to mini-golf and have supper. It was a lot of fun... Dawson even got a hole in one! We ate at one of our favorite Jackson venues, (OK, Jake's favorites) "Billy's Giant Burgers." It's something all right, they are giants. My only complaint is that when I leave the place I need a vinyl scraper to remove the grease from my face. Otherwise, it's all good.

I better return home. I have wet clothes in the car and my family is hostage without the vehicle. Jake and I may take a hike tonight... Jake asked Jon and Cori if they'd mind keeping the kids for a while. I've been drooling over a "Great Tetons Trails" book... so many places to go!

(Please ignore my spelling errors as the spell check pop-up window is blocked!)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We're here!

We are in Victor, Idaho! We arrived Sunday night after three days in the car, which I must say went incredibly well!!! The drive through Canada was nice, but not worth repeating, we decided. It was fun to drive the kids through another country, and fun to see all the different brands of stores and the like. Figuring out the exchange rate, and kms vs. miles was fun, though I think we needed to be further north to see the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. We enjoyed two nights in hotels, with swimming pools and waterslides. Crazy story- the first night we stayed just south of Winnepeg and met a faimly with a Noah, and Two older boys, then a baby girl whoose birthday was also on Valentine's day... anyway, we swam with them and chatted, then, after driving for 13 1/2 hours and not finding a hotel in two different towns we intended to stop in, we made a late night check-in to a hotel in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and saw the same family at the same hotel the next morning! Crazy!

We've had fun thus far... Jon and Cori and renting a really nice house here in Victor (just through the Teton pass into Idaho from Jackson) while they build their house about a mile away. We have a bedroom and the kids have one right next door. We went to the fireworks in Driggs, right up the road to the north and are celebrating Jonathan's birthday tonight. Jake has been helping with the house the last couple days, and the kids and I have had fun hanging out at the laundromat, and today the library. We took a beautiful hike yesterday, and have enjoyed playing with the puppy, Java.

We miss you all and will check our e-mail and blogs every few days. Until then, Molly

Friday, July 01, 2005

He's home, so we're off!

I got Noah yesterday! Doodle and Bella stayed home with a chain-saw wielding daddy(Hmm... That doesn't sound so good). Noah had a blast, as many of you assured me he would. However, of the four neatly folded outfits, only one was used. He also did not shower or swim, and (sit down for this one) said, "I didn't brush my teeth, either, cause I don't think you packed toothpaste." Had heopened the suitcase, he may have found it, but don't worry, "I only bought one thing from the canteen, cause I don't like that 'sugary' feeling on my teeth."

So, we're off today. The trees are still not completely picked up, but a good friend said he would take over the job. Pray for our safety and sanity... We are headed up through Winnipeg, Regina and Lethbridge, Canada, then down through Montana to Jackson/Victor (That is if the Canadians are still letting 'crazies' in.). We'll be on from time to time to update you... Until then...All our love! JMNDE