Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pictures of the new house

I wasn't going to post these until we sign and things are "official," but here are a few photos of the house we are **hoping** will be ours in about 6 weeks. We chose carpet today, and are hoping the wood for the floors will be in the house to make acquaintance and acclimate as early as this weekend!
The front:

The view from "the front door looking in:"

To the right:

A peek into the kitchen:

Obviously this is a work-in-progress photo shoot... Like the rose curtains? Yeah, they're going. Tools, plastic on the windows, torn-apart bannister? It should all come together soon. :) I'll keep you posted.
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Dear Grandma and PaPa K,

I have missed you So much! I want to tell you all that I have been doing since I saw you last in Madison! I lift my head up really high, and when I do, my eyebrows go really high, too.

I like to play with the toy you gave me for Christmas. Usually one of the big kids stacks it for me, but Mama can tell I'm learning my colors and the order they go in. :)

Mommy and Daddy say I'm looking more and more like my biggest brother Noodle- Especially when my face looks round and moon-like. Like this:

I really like to eat things. Like my hands, my blankie and anything else that comes within reach. This is one of my favorites- my bunny from Miss Heidi!!!

Well, I'm lookin' to get swaddled up. Yeah, I know I'm getting big, but I still like it. I can't wait until Feb. 29th. I'm glad it's the shortest month of the year. I love you and look forward to your snuggles!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey There!

We are still here!
January is more than half over, and my hopes of weekly updates to you, our friends and family, well- are dashed.
We had a delightful weekend with my sister and brother-in-law. Mom, Lottie and I had a blast in Chicago at "Phantom." Lottie also brought us to "The Italian Village"- Chicago's oldest Italian restaurant- for a wonderful lunch before the show. Here we are in the lights of Chicago.

Here's a tidbid of info- We were there Jan 5th and they were "undecorating" for Christmas. Hundreds of trees were lit like these, and they just have a wire cutters and snip all the light strands out- in like 10" pieces. It surprised me, but I suppose paying people to carefully unwind them all would cost much more than new lights each year. Put that in your trivia bank.

In other big news- LanMan has found his thumb. He's not a huge thumb sucker (still prefers the pacifier when he can manage to hold it in), but has founds his hands and likes them.

Bella has a new social engagement each Tuesday- She accompanies her Great Grandma to quilting at her church. Bella is especially enjoying the time, though I think the ladies all enjoy having her, too. Last week they helped her sew and tie this little quilt for LanMan, which he loves!

We are enjoying another big snowstorm today! :) I love it! Huge soft flakes falling very quickly! I think we have about 5 inches thus far!

We are really enjoying having "Bird" of Helm's Deep with us this week as her parents are perusing the Caribbean. The girls have been apart for long enough that this is a treat and so far, are getting along swell. I will have to share photos of the paper people they made- too funny!

Well, I'm off to clean as Jake's Aunt and Uncle (in whose home we are staying) are coming home for a visit this weekend. I want their house to sparkle for them when they arrive. With four- no five- kidlets, that's a full-time job!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, I need to apologize for my lack of updates, but life (especially with a baby) has a way of trotting on. We had a great Christmas with my family and enjoyed a RELAXING New Year with wonderful friends. :) Relaxing as in about 15 crossword puzzles!

Here are some photo updates from Christmas... featuring the boys this time:

Our little man:

Doodle's favorite gift- A "Rocket Fishing Rod:"

Noodle, his little bro and one of HIS favorite gifts, a book, of course!


We also need to share some (prospective) exciting news... We found a house and have signed an offer to purchase. It was in the flood, but a man bought it and has cleaned and rebuilt it meticulously. He is working toward having the main floor complete by March 1st when we need to move out of our current accommodations. Yesterday we went to pick out hardwood floors, paint, counter tops and vinyl flooring! :) (We got in on the deal just at the right time for picking things out!)
Lord willing, all will go well. Please pray with us that it does, and that our house in Chetek will sell in His time. It feels as though we have a lot balancing on our plate right now! The van is on the fritz, too, and I am awaiting a phone call from the shop (sadly not "The Shop," Tam) to hear the verdict. Ugh. We are supposed to be headed to Madison tonight so that Mom and I can enjoy our Christmas present from Lottie with her tomorrow!
Again, we will wait on the Lord. :)He is good- All the time. Even with daunting debt and finicky vehicles. ahhh...

Love to all! Happy 2008!