Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's a Wonderful Life... and it's ours!

Oh, Have we been having fun at the Dahl House! We are so blessed!

Christmas was wonderful- The kids are at fun ages where everything was a hit- the gifts, the food... We played games, watched a movie and played with every toy they got. They gave us sweet gifts... and didn't get us up until 7:30! I thought that was pretty good...

The day after Christmas we hit Walmart for cheap wrapping paper (I 'bout ran out this year!) and were off to the farm to see cousins galore. All three of Jake's sisters and their families were there and the kids played together wonderfully. We opened gifts together and the next morning had cousin photos taken. It was a great visit and wonderful to see the sistas before they scatter across the nation again.

Yesterday was the best day of our Christmas Vacation so far. We had a "Mystery Adventure" which soon came to be called "Family Fun" Day. We headed south without telling the kids our destination. Of course they always shoot for the moon... "I know- we're going to DisneyWorld!!!" No, not quite, but it could be JUST AS FUN!!!!

We brought them to the Children's Museum (their first time at this one) where we all played for three hours! Then we loaded them up and went out for pizza (it's been a long time, so this was a major treat). We then headed to a McD's for hot fudge sundaes and playland (Mommy escaped at this point and went to Borders for an hour). Then we scooted back downtown for a movie. It was a great day- and we all had a blast just doing fun things together. The kids said it was the best vacation we had EVER had. ( and WE DROVE THESE KIDS CROSS COUNTRY last summer?!?) :)

Today was an at home day. I worked tonight- and could tell it had been awhile- I felt like a rookie! We're laying low the next couple of days. Playing board games, watching movies together and reading books. It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


For quite awhile Noah has wanted "those blond lines that people have in their hair." I kind of thought the desire would pass, but it's been a year now and he still brought it up once in awhile. So when I was highlighting a friends hair we decided to save a bit of the "goop" and Noah now has the highlights he always dreamed of!

Seven going on seventeen? Maybe, but he is thrilled and I really think it's just a fun, "cool" thing for him right now. I don't foresee any piercings real soon! LOL

A Lasting Impression

I hope that homeschooling my children in their early grades leaves a lasting impression. I LOVE teaching them and seeing the lightbulbs of realization. I enjoy the hands-on fun stuff. So when we pulled out the clay to work with texture and form letters I was sure it would enhance Doodles memories of kindergarten.

I never imagined we would ALL remember this project for a very. long. time. ...

(OK, so the photo is flipped kind of funny, but you get the idea... )
"Can I leave my name out so Daddy can see it?"
"Sure." ---2 hours pass---
"Mommy- I made a ball out of the clay again and you can STILL see my name(on the oak Amish-made dining room table you just got a couple of years ago...)!!?!"

Oh well... It will probably fade and if not- we'll always remember kindergarten with Doodle...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Coasting Into Christmas

My parents came up this weekend and we celebrated Christmas together! We had lots of fun- the time spent was a gift in itself! We woke up Saturday morning as though it were Christmas morning and opened our presents to one another. The boys were thrilled to each recieve a football and broke them in with a snowy football game Eagles (the boys) vs. Redskins (Daddy and Grandpa). The Eagles came out on top, 18-24. Bella's favorite gift was a neat Strawberry Shortcake house, ahh the memories... and to think the dolls we once played with are now "vintage." Jake and I were both in our church's cantata Sunday morning which Mom and Dad were there for before they headed back home.

We are enjoying a quiet Christmas week. I even pulled out the scrapbooking- which those who know me best know ONLY comes out when the work is done- or at least managable.

Jake and the Bulldogs won last night!!! (a big WHOO HOO!!!) He was so excited- he said the guys did fabulous and beat a really good conference foe. I'm sad I missed it, but look forward to watching the tape- AND look forward to Saturday's game in Cameron... a "down the road" town.

So... Merry Christmas! We'll post photos soon.

Monday, December 12, 2005

We had a nice weekend at home full of holiday festivities. Friday night was our church Christmas Party, which is always fun. We had a white elephant exchange and I made out pretty well with a bottle of Victoria's Secret lotion (Though I had a day since then where I thought I smelled B.O. all day... I'm hoping it wasn't the lotion...). Jake had his first game as the official head coach, and unfortunately they lost. They got into foul trouble. Thursday's game is at home- I hope to get to at least part of it.

Saturday we baked cookies and made flavored cocoa gifts for our friends. It was a productive day. We also went to a friends house for pizza/coaches mtg. It was fun to spend time there. Sunday the kids and I decorated Christmas cookies and rested. We had Cantata practice in the evening. It went well with two dress rehearsals scheduled for this week. I am playing "Angela," a "forty-something" widow with a teenage daughter. She is saved and trying to witness to her father who is losing his business. The story has a great message and I'm excited to hear it with the music. (Jake has a solo- I love his voice!)
Today is spontaneous cleaning day. I have the wash going, but also decided to wash the kitchen floor, wipe down all the counters and do main floor windows as well. Mom and Dad are hoping to come up this weekend and it will feel good to have things fresh. (Fresh and Clean, Fresh and Clean... Two of my favorite words!)

I hesitate to even type this but (in a hushed whisper) we haven't been sick yet this winter. I figured this would be a bad year with Jake and Noah both in their first year at the elementary school... But so far (shhh...) so good... The closer we get to Christmas, the more I hope it just holds off.

Well, time to switch loads.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The New Bulldog Coach...

I've mentioned that basketball season has begun. Jake has served as the JV (10/11th grade or B team for you Minnesotans!) boys coach for... 6 years (?) now. Well, at the beginning of the season the head coach tore his Achilles and this week stepped down for the season. The obvious first person asked to fill in was Jake. He really hoped the previous coach would step in (he's very good and Jake REALLY enjoyed coaching under him) but chose not to, so my dear husband, in trying to do what is best for the boys, stepped up to do it. Not out of arrogance, not for the money or the countless extra time and duties that come with the head coach's position, but because he thought it was best for the boys. He really cares about them. He taught them as 6th graders and has coached them all over the past 2-3 years.

I know he'll do a great job. He knows and loves basketball. He played on a State Championship team in high school and had a very successful coach, who he learned from. I believe in Jake. The faith stretching I was talking of in yesterday's post comes from the small community we live in and the pessimist negative mean people who are always there to tear down. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT?!? He is my husband, and I take mean things WAY TOO personally!

I am going to try to look up and not out... To my God, then to my husband and not to others. Will you pray me through this season? =) I know the Lord is working on me through this!!!

Happy Birthday, Doodle!

You're six today. SIX! The morning you were born there was no snow. It was a mild winter to that point. I remember raking over the weekend, hoping it would encourage your entrance to the world, but no such luck. Grandma K came to stay with Noah, and Daddy and I headed down to the hospital. Labor started quickly after they broke my water and about four hours later, just after the doctor had checked how we were progressing I looked at Daddy and said, "Go get him again!" Before we knew it, there you were! I smiled, "Jake, it's a boy!!!" (Here's a funny little fact... We had an ultrasound done at the tech. college before you were born and both students AND instructor told us you were a girl! Then at the doctor's office I was sure I saw your "boyage" so was back to square one in feeling like I had no idea what you were going to be!)

I remember it being a beautiful sunny day, the sun pouring in the window on my face... God blessed us greatly that day! You take pride in being the "easiest baby" (to birth, anyway!) You were our smallest at 8lbs. 10oz. and longest at 22 1/2" (little worm!).

Doodle, you have never stopped bringing a smile to my face. You are just you- doing things in your own unique manner. You are my tender cuddler. You'll stop what you're doing for a hug at anytime... My precious boy... with indescribable eyes and a sweet spirit. I love you, Doodle James. Happy birthday, my love!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Here it is... but it isn't nearly as pretty in pictures... Can't wait to show each one of you in person! I kept the setting Jake picked out originally. Just wouldn't be right to get a new one!!! The top/left photo is the original diamond (about the width of the band). He decided not to trade it in and have it set in my mother's ring. Posted by Picasa
Just needed everyone out there to know that we're OK. I've been trying hard to stay on top of holiday preparations and blogging has tended to be at the bottom of my "to-do" list. Today is a baking day. I'm going to work on Doodle's birthday cake- tomorrow is his 6th!!! Reflections on that can wait until tomorrow...
We're also going to make my favorite Christmas cookies- Chocolate Crinkles. I'm really not much for sweets, but these brownie-like creations are divine. Betty Crocker at her best.

Please pray specifically for Jake today. A decision is being made today that will affect him... And would really stretch me. Not in a bad way, but in a faith way. I can't share more now, but will when I can. Pray that the Lord's will is done. It's so easy for me to take my eyes off Him and look to all those around me. He's a faithful God and whatever happens, I will trust His leading.

Cards are out. Every gift that is bought is wrapped and tucked away. Decorations are in place. Baking has begun. Christmas music has been ringing through our home. Our advent time has been precious- a tribute to the attributes of Jesus. May Christ continue to be the focus of the season.

One short aside, I have promised some that I would post a photo of Jake's Christmas gift to me. My dear sweet husband totally floored me a few weeks ago while Christmas shopping and pulled me into the store he bought my engagement ring from almost 9 years ago. He told me he would like to "upgrade" my diamond for Christmas this year. (This being said to Miss Practical- especially in the gift dept.!) The thought had never crossed my mind. We spent some time in the store- me shaking like a leaf with a unbelieving grin plastered on my face. Well, yesterday the time had come to pick it up and I must say- it's beautiful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, my dear wonderful husband!!! You're still amazing me 8+ years later... I love you!