Thursday, July 16, 2009

A look back from the middle

(First off, I'm ditching the code names for the kids.)

Here we are smack dab in the middle of summer and I haven't blogged since the last day of school. Take that as a sign that we are enjoying life, busy as can be and not spending a whole lot of time in front of the computer. All good things. :)

That said, I will take five minutes to quick update you on the action at the Dahl house (Photos will have to wait as all photos since June 2nd are still on my camera.)...

June was a crazy month with a "hosting" theme! We had friends and family- all whom we love dearly- come and stay. What a treat to comfortably be able to do this with the added space the basement provided! We loved each visit, though it made the month fly by! We started with three dear friends of the kids who relocated to Colorado. They came for 3ish days as their parents hauled an enormous load to their new mountain home. :) We loved getting to spend a little time with them before the move.
Next came a dear friend and her kiddos. :) What sweet times. I put her to work, though, and we cracked out a garage sale by Friday. It was a success, and nice to have it done early in the summer.
Jake, Noah and Dawson got to take in a Twins game after Noah dedicated a year to safety patrol. Jake was happy to be the chaperon and when a ticket opened up even Daws got in on the fun. A Twins victory made it an even better day!

The third week of June brought Jake's brother, his wife and two kiddos from Wydaho. :) It was a great visit. We had a party to celebrate Jake's sisters 40th birthday and all six siblings were together. :) What a treat!

Swimming lessons, a three day Christian dance camp and Little League filled in the gaps of our June. Lots of outside pool-time at the aquatic center, a family bike trip on the trail with friends, campfires with friends... Ahh. This is the life.

On July 3rd we headed north for Liberty Fest in our old stompin' grounds of Chetek. We took in the weekend festivities, enjoyed time with friends and brought Noah and Dawson to Camp Chetek on Monday morning for their long-anticipated week of Bible camp. Jake and I took Ellie and Landon north further to our dear college friends home for a couple days of fun on the water. It's always fun to catch up with them and watch our girls- who are a year apart, but could be twins- play like best friends. Tuesday night brought us back to Chetek. We had the exciting opportunity to stay with yet another family of wonderful friends. What a treat. Six kids under the age of seven didn't exactly make it a "feet up and relaxing" time, but it was real, and it was good. :) We enjoyed time at the farmer's market- a rare gem in NW Wisconsin- a nice long walk and four-yes four- movies. We had a campfire, went to the beach and enjoyed a Friday night fish fry- completely done by our husbands. :)
Ahhh, the memories.

We picked up two dirty, but happy boys Saturday morning and came home to laundry and a garden in need of some love. It's been a wonderful week of settling back in to being home- but we're leaving again tonight on another fun adventure. :) This time we are headed east to see my family. :) Tomorrow holds a day at the Milwaukee Zoo. Saturday is a special trip to the movies for my boys and their aunt and uncle. :) A wedding reception for friends we haven't seen in years. Together time. :) I can hardly wait! :)
I'll be back. No promises as to when. :) Happy summer everyone.