Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Doodle has been a ball lover from infancy. He started dribbling at 14 months with a Discovery Toys bumpy ball.  Posted by Hello
"Anything you can do, I can do "brother," I can do anything "brother" can do!!!" Posted by Hello
Elle Belle took Mattie on a long walk in the yard. Mattie kept looking over her shoulder at me with a LONG face that said,"Please rescue me..." Posted by Hello
Brothers forever... friends MOST of the time. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

A new, improved Monday

I found the formula to having a great Monday. Here goes...

1) Find one great friend. I'm sure a mediocre one would do other days of the week, but it is vital on a Monday to find a really, really good friend, who you can talk to about most anything and understands the mushiness of Mommy Brain.

2) Take off for the day to a destination you only frequent every other month or so. This will truly keep your mind off what day it is, and how things are SUPPOSED to be going, or WOULD be going if you were back at home.

3) Pray and request a really sunny day. This brightens the most dull of Mondays and lifts the lowest of spirits... It may even make you feel as though your living a Saturday!

Because it felt so summer-like today (it's all relative...) I wanted to have a fry out. We are in Wisconsin, so we put brats on the grill and started to boil potatoes for potato salad. The potatoes were done, so I turned off the burner and picked the kettle up to drain them, when my whirlwind child flew through the door and smacked right into the pot of boiling water. With. His. Forehead. HE IS FINE, being so accustomed to not watching where he is going, he grinned and spun the other way into the bathroom. I didn't see all this, however, as the force of his whirlwind 50 pound body (forehead) tipped the entire kettle onto me. I have a scalded wrist and foot. Jake is sure they are second degree burns, but they haven't blistered yet (does that happen right away?). My wrist aches- I'm doing the ice on 20 seconds, then off 'cause it's numb for all of 10 seconds, back on... You get the picture. The up side? Maybe the big red blotches will hide the oranges blothes from a hasty self-tanner application this weekend. (Can anyone say pinto? That's kind of what I resemble right now.)
Just one more tidbit to share... Jake and I take off WEDNESDAY NIGHT for his brother's wedding in Jackson, WY!!!! WHOOPEE!!!! So much to be excited about...
Jonathan and Cori found one another and are about to embark on a whole new life together... Jake and I are traveling without the kids... We get to see the whole family- brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, (grin, grin!) To top it all off, our kids get to spend the time with my parents- both parties are very excited! (Probably the kids more-so as their energy is through the roof! Hope you're resting up, Mom and Dad!!!) Isn't life good?
We got a postcard today from my sister and brother-in-law! They are gallivanting across Europe as we speak! They started in Barcelona and should be in Italy- No, Switzerland? OK, well I'm not real sure where they are, but I pray they're safe and having a blast!!! We love you two!!! Can't wait to see photos and hear stories!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Backs to the action!

Doodle and his soccer buddy hanging out and "discussing stategy" before practice...well, hanging out anyway! (As the camera pans left you see the rest of the team running, kicking, shooting and dribbling...) Posted by Hello

Do you blame her?

Bella loves to swing with her hair flying in the wind. Ahh... the carefree days of childhood. It sure is fun to live them anew with my children. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Another sign that spring has sprung! Our first fall planting of bulbs EVER is showing off it's splendor! Posted by Hello
Spring is here (and today the temperature actually would attest to it!). We've been swinging at the playground, rollerblading, playing soccer,climbing and cleaning up the yard (darn Mattie...). Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday, Schmonday!

Why are Mondays always the longest day of the week? I don't mean to sound all out negative, but how is it that in a review of each week, Monday often comes out on the bottom of the "good day" list? One step forward, two steps back. I had an ornery infant today (who does NOT belong to me) and a tired preschooler (who DOES belong to me).

On the bright side, my husband (who doesn't even drink coffee) made and prepared my first cup of coffee (just the right amount of cream and Splenda). By God's grace (which was in abundance today) four loads of wash went from hamper full circle to folded and in drawers (a major accomplishment that "folded and put in drawers" part. I really don't like that end of it). The sun was out, which has not happened in a long time... And looks to not happen again for a few days. I got to bring the kids to the library. I got to read with them and even played a board game with Doodle. I got to have some kids for a friend who needed time away. I have a husband who joyfully went to work to provide for us and came home with the same smile on his face. He even mowed the lawn in record time after school and didn't mind a bit! I was able to make healthy meals which all three kids ate. I am alone now, as that sweet husband is tucking the kids in. We may even get a game in yet tonight.

Ya know... It wasn't such a bad day. Yes, it was a Monday, but my God is good. His goodness outweighs even the most wretched things a Monday can throw my way. Thanks for putting up with my initial complaints... I'd like to go back and erase that first paragraph now. Have a great Tuesday, and when next Monday rolls around, join me in counting the positives.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Where, oh where has spring gone?

We woke up this morning to a 60 degree house. The wood boiler is shut down for the year, and we thought we could finally turn the back-up furnace off, but no. Winter is back. There is a 90% chance of Rain MIXED WITH SNOW showers today. UGH.

On a lighter note, Tomorrow is Woodbury Day! Yippee! I am starting to layer up already, as by morning I may have adequate clothing on. Maybe the frost and ice will ward off some of the "not-so-die-hards." Hopefully they will be the ones who wanted soccer cleats and size 4 winter boots. I can't wait to update ya'll with the bargains.

The kids are still sleeping, so I am off to start the laundry. Friday is my usual day, but I will be off, hobbling in the cold to find more treasures to wash.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

He's on his way home!

Our dear cuddly Dawson is on his way home from Grandma and Grandpa's farm. I KNOW he had a blast, what with tractors, a four-wheeler, many four-legged friends... Not to mention Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Josh, Kath-er-yn (as he puts it), and a bonus visit with Auntie Laura and Treston! All that said, OH I MISSED MY CUDDLER!!!

We are off to soccer tonight, and Daddio and Daws should be here when we get back. Only two days until Woodbury! Can't wait.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

A little collage of candids for your viewing pleasure Posted by Hello

Just warming up...

Though it is Saturday, the alarm went off early at the Dahl house. Jake and I brought the kids out garage sale-ing. In our house "garage sale-ing" is an active verb, meaning I actively participate in the activity as often as possible. There are strategies involved and much satisfaction at the end of a well-saled day. We did OK this morning, but broke one of the most important rules involved- arriving the first day of the sale. We did hit one stellar sale, which produced exceptional quality clothes for the next year (Ok, probably 2 years) of Noah's life, and in abundance as we walked away with 8 pairs of shorts, 4 t-shirts, 3 heavy hooded sweatshirts, 4 pairs of pants, a pair of snow pants and a pair of pajama pants, (21 items!) all for $26! Get this... Not only are there no holes in the knees, the pants all look as though they are right off the rack... Not even shaded with wear!!! Mind you, Doodle is coming up behind Noah, so the large quantity is taking into account the 50% survival rate of all clothes passed down.
Just warming up, you may ask... This coming Friday is the Garage Sale day to end all, as my friends Marti, Dolly and I will head out dawn to dusk and ravage the town of Woodbury until not a single worthy bargain is left in sight. It's become tradition to head over early (or even the night before) with lists, strong coffee(OK, only for me) and all unnecessary van seats ousted. It is the one day of the year I do... Well, it's kind of hard to admit, but yes, I do wear a fanny pack. (Is there a way to whisper in type?) I know, I know, it is a bit humbling, perhaps embarrassing to those who accompany me, but I tell ya', the arm mobility is worth every gasp, guffaw and giggle I must endure. (Besides, How do you fit 150 singles into a pocket?)
Well, I must nap now... I need to conserve energy for the big day. I assure you I will dream of defensive moves that will increase my chances at more deals. I'll keep you all posted.

Soccer...the first edition

The boys both had their first soccer game of the season on Thursday night. They did very well! Noah had a nose-on collision with a Hornet (his opponent), thus the bloody rag. They both had a good time and are really enjoying their first season! Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Our girl...

A copy of "The New Strong-Willed Child" by Dr. James Dobson on CD for a busy mom: $28
A three year supply of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: $50
A lifetime of being the mom to this precious little wonder: priceless Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The kids were up for a candid photo shoot this morning.  Posted by Hello

They're back... and I'm grateful!

O.K., so the house isn't silent anymore. There are trails to clean up, and piles. Lots of dishes, some extra stinky chore clothes. There are spats to break up and attitudes to prune, chores to keep reminding them of and many demands... Most all at once.

It's anything but silent now, but I'd have it no other way. There's laughter, and giggling, scheming and whispered planning. There are shrieks (not always of joy) and even a little tattling. This is what our home is meant to be. Filled with life, and noise and children. And even messes. Lots of them. It was nice to have a break, but even nicer to have them back.