Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Landscaping

The good news?
We have a great start for next fall in the firewood department.
My husband loves his chainsaw and adores running it.
We got to see first hand God's awesome power.
We are all safe and sound.

The bad news?
Our vacation may be a bit delayed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Still the one...  Posted by Hello
These two hooligans have been getting along famously in their brother's absence. Posted by Hello
Our big guy... Can't wait to hear how your week is going at camp, buddy! I'll be there tomorrow! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Not quite getting it...

Our Doodle is such a fun kid. He's full of life, and cuddles. He does, however have his moments where he just doesn't quite "get it."

This morning Jaker dropped him off for his summer school T-ball class, and I came to pick him up at the end. When he got in the van he asked, "Did you go yet?"

I questioned, "Go where?"

He said, "To Uncle Jonathan's."

Now, our house is in a chaotic state as we are about to travel halfway across the country for a month with three children in a mini-van WITH a top carrier- neither of which are packed (as we were sitting IN the above mentioned vehicle) and he wants to know if we "quick" ran out there during his hour and a half long class, with his brother across the state at camp.
"No, honey, we didn't."

Monday, June 27, 2005

In mama's footsteps

Our little boy is at camp tonight, four hours away from home. I went, too, when I was seven and loved every minute of it. I didn't realize then how hard it is for the mama at home- knowing that if their child needs them right this very moment... It would be four hours before I could be there. I don't think it would be as hard if he had a friend with him, or had made one before we left, but 'twas not the case. It seemed harder for him than usual, or than I thought it would be. Often he has a new buddy after a visit to the park or beach. His counselor did take him under his wing and they were headed out for a paddleboat ride when we left. I let Jake give the very final hug and "Have fun." I didn't want him to see his mama's tears.

He'll be fine...I'm sure. There's just not much sadder to me than a lonely heart.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

This and That in June

I never posted the photos I promised you! The trim work we started is complete, well, at least we are stopping for now. There will be more to do upon our arrival home from the west. For those who don't know, we are loading up the troops and headed west at the end of the week. We hope to be gone a good part of July. Our aim is to help Uncle and Auntie (see recent wedding photo) build their house- at least it is Jake's goal. Mine is to hike daily and prevent the children from injuries involving power saws and/or nail guns.

Speaking of dangerous construction sites, :), Noah has been hard at work in his "workshop" lately. He has been creating many one-of-a-kind pieces, most of the weapon variety. He has been very careful, and it's great to see him taking up projects just like his daddy.

Last weekend we took a weekend trip down to Chilton and celebrated the new "senior" status of this fine fellow:

Happy Birthday, Dad, on the 30th. Hey, is this considered your double golden birthday? In that case- Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!

We had another fabulous weekend this week with a visit from these gorgeous young ladies:

"Aunt LuLu" just had a ball with them, and our own little princess (The Princess Without A Name) when we went out for tea at Nana's Cottage! We had such a fun afternoon!

The Dahl kids had a horseback riding adventure with their cousins, daddy and dear auntie- Here they are in action:

And tomorrow we are off to bring Noah to LLBC, the camp I am forever endeared to! He will be there from Monday until Thursday afternoon... I am so excited for him! We are all praying that he has a great week

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Since we moved into our home four years ago there have been a multitude of home improvement projects- we definitely bought a fixer-upper. It's been fun, most of the time. Little by little we're making our home what we want it to be, with an ever present "to-do-around-the-house" list. Because Jake is a teacher, our summers are prime project time!

Today I am tackling the trim. Jake stripped, sanded and taped it off, and I'm the primer and painter. I remember before we moved in, as friends were helping us paint the living/dining room. They asked, "Should we tape off the trim before we paint the walls?" " No, no," we answered, "we're painting the trim." Had anyone added "...In four years" to that comment I would have clocked them, but alas, here we are. We're getting better- the only time I saw the trim up in our last house was when I came back to clean after we had all of our stuff moved out! I am doing the five remaining downstairs windows and a door frame. There will be much more to do, but I'll give you a photo update at the end of the day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bella and her new "face-framing" layers. Posted by Hello

Tumbling Locks and Small Lodged Objects

There was a time when I was content being a mom to just boys. When we were pregnant with our third, I was often asked, "Are you trying for a girl?" Actually, no, we were trying for a baby... Being a girl, I had gone through many catty, boy-crazy years and thought having boys was just fine.

I did daydream about it, though, and thought that if I did ever have a girl, I'd want her to have curly hair and dimples. Now these dreams are about as crazed as the "trying for a girl" thing... As though "trying" or "wanting" has anything to do with it. My gene pool was stacked against my desires as I have stick straight hair and my only dimples aren't cute and don't see the light of day.

(Enter God and His mercy) We DID have a girl, and low and behold she has both curly hair and a little "under-the-smile" dimple on one side- thanks to her Aunties Jamie and Marti. And d'you what? I LOVE having a little girl- almost every day!

Our little angel has been our "busy" child. (See the "Stuck in the Truck" post) How arrogant I once was, thinking children who wrote on walls or furniture, and generally destroyed things had terribly neglectful parents. I am so sorry! I was wrong! It's at least partially a personality thing (or we've really slid off the rocker!). We can be right there, almost upon her, and the "Ellie-imp" will come out and do a terribly naughty thing before we even see she's there! Or, our daughter will be in the sweetest mood, and BAM! She'll "paint" our quilt with a whole bottle of lotion(of course in the heaviest vanilla scent ever...)! Of course, she then realizes her sin, and "cleans it up for me" by schmeering it in until it's "gone."
ahhh... She IS a sweetie and we love her ohh so much, but because of her personality, I knew this day would come.

She did it. She was in the house with Doodle and she found a scissors and cut her hair. Noah and I were out, and my DH was in the garage with his latest building project. The younger two had been in and out, getting toys and going potty and the such, and during a trip in she got out a scissors and cut two big snips- one on each side of her face. I definitely thought I would cry, but I didn't. I think the fact that it's long enough to tuck behind her ears helps. It could be much worse. The sad thing? Now I know that what is left of her curls is temporary. What was "trimmed" has wave, but the Nellie Olson curls are gone...

That was yesterday. Today? She stuck a bead up her nose. Visible, but up there. Thankfully a short visit to our local clinic had it dislodged in short order. She was home in no time with a stash of suckers, stickers, books and crayons to boot.

So, God knew. He knew I didn't deserve it genepool-wise, but he gave me a girl with dimples and curls. He knew I'd need them to look at on days such as these. He knew the personality under the dimples and curls long before she was born, and He knew she'd have to be a cute one.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Our little cowpokes and their maiden in distress... Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

A rafting we did go... More photos can be seen at; date 5/28/05; boatman, Steve; Departure from town, 10:30; Float company, Mad River. What a wild time it was!!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Awww... my precious boys. Posted by Hello
Bella, helping Papa in the yard at the end of their stay. Posted by Hello

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

We're home.
We've been movin' and groovin' for the past few weeks, and we are now home and digging out.

I left you all hanging on our weekend to Jackson, WY... It was incredible!!! We had so much fun! The wedding was lovely, despite the rain, and the family and friends we met out there were fabulous! Jake and I had so much fun together- we danced, walked and laughed together... Not to mention our first (not last) trip down the Snake River whitewater rafting! (Photos to come tomorrow!) What fabulous memories! We are thrilled to have Cori in the family... And it's awesome to see Jonathan so happy.

While we were gone the kids spent time with Grandma and Papa K. They, too, had a great time. They visited a zoo, got huge ice cream treats, saw great grandparents, took bike rides and walks and just got to enjoy being with Grandma and Papa. I zoomed across the state to fetch them upon our return and got back home just in time to prepare for our garage sale...

A friend asked if I'd be interested in doing one, so we jumped into the "City-wide" weekend only to put in hours of work and get poured on. It wasn't a total loss, SHE did pretty well... I made enough for a tank of gas. (almost)

Jake had one last inservice day on Monday, then we jumped in the van and headed camping. We visited Governor Dodge State Park, a new one for us, and had beautiful weather! It was hot enough to enjoy the beach, and didn't rain until we were headed out the next morning. We visited "The House on the Rock" and got home late.

So that brings me to the present. We spent the whole day unpacking and washing and shoveling out of an extraordinarily messy home. I think the floor has been found in every room now- no small feat, I assure you! We've enjoyed our adventuring immensely, but are grateful to be home.
The happy bride and groom! Posted by Hello
Jake and I enjoyed a fabulous weekend in Jackson attending his brother, Jonathan's wedding to our wonderful new sister, Cori!  Posted by Hello