Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So, I was running some errands around town- In preparation for a road trip to my parents over our long weekend and the van makes a funny sound with battery light action. Hmm.
I pull over and do my best auto mechanic move.
Turn it off and back on again.
To no avail.

My next planned stop was the Auto Parts Store (I kid you not).
Auto Parts Man says, "I'll see you later for an alternator."

I call Jake.
We have it tested and yes, we need an alternator.

So Jake's mom graciously offered her Buick for the road trip.
This is where I make no jokes about never owning a Buick because only old people drive Buicks. :)
I call shot-gun.

The finality of the cuteness...

Some will think it strange that this is finding a spot on the blog. But here is my favorite shot of the weekend...

Now that my baby is a toddler, though... the love of his sweet little feet will come to a screeching halt soon. This is the last foot photo to grace this site. Enjoy it.

A day of play

So we had a great weekend...
Family time, together time.

Noodle, Doodle and Bella helped plant squash and pumpkins this year and Grandma let them bring a load to the farmer's market to sell on Saturday. They were so excited and had fun helping people carry their purchases away.

Jake's quote of the day? "People just don't buy squash from Ninjas. The headband should really go." It wasn't true. People do- at least when the ninja is six and has a cute little dimple. :)

After our entrepreneurs finished up we worked in the yard for awhile and then loaded up in the van. It was Lanman's big day- his first birthday- and the carseat turning snuck right up on me! :) Here is his reaction:


And off we were to hike (mama's fAvOrItE) in the state to the south... in Jaker's first college town. We found a beautiful waterfall and stream... and the kids LOVED playing, jumping, climbing and collecting. Here are our big guys...

Oh, they are growing up so fast! I am thoroughly loving the stage of life we are in. It is a joy. Busy sometimes, but a joy. I love you, my dear family.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Dear Lanman,
This weekend brought a milestone both to you and our family-- You are one-year-old, my love! Just a year ago you entered our lives. It's hard to fathom that there was a time I was content without you. Because I really thought I was-- Until I met you.

I was blessed to meet you long before the rest of this world. It was Bella's fifth birthday we knew you were there... and it was then that my heart began to open to the idea of you. I have to admit it wasn't a gusto of swinging open. More of a creakity cracking open. I didn't know then how much we needed you. And how you would complete things so perfectly in our family.

You have been a wonderful baby. Can I say easy baby? Yes. Because you have been. You have slept well-- more importantly gone down easily! You eat like a champ. You have "gone with the flow" during one of our craziest years yet. You adore your siblings and daddy but the truth is that I am your favorite. And aside from your Daddy I don't think I've held that distinction before. I am honored and tickled and so thankful for you.

God knew it all long before you were here. How you would melt the hearts of many and draw our family even closer together. You are a blessing, my sweet Lanman. Your mama loves you. Happy Birthday, Baby.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our Little Ham

Lanman got into the muddy flower garden today just as the big kids were getting home. I was right there, but he was quicker than I. Nice mouthfuls of mud, black muddy pants and socks- it was quite a sight. I didn't grab my camera for it, but I did right after he got out of the tub. Our little cherub is getting some curls and though that is what I meant to capture on film, he started "smiling" (reminiscent of our good friend Boo Boo) when I held the camera up! :)


More to come soon as our "pumpkin" is about to turn one. :)
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