Saturday, September 22, 2007

Growing Up

Do you believe that this (not-so-little) baby girl...

Has grown into this big girl who can EZ Bake? :)

Here she is with the fruit of her labor... Such a proud moment!

Hold those babies close... They grow up too fast.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thoughts on change...

I think I am ready for the change. In many ways it feels as though it has already happened. This week has brought the feeling of an onlooker in my "life" here. Don't get me wrong- times with the kids have been great- There's no choice in that matter. They are doing well, though I can tell the separation from Daddy is getting harder at the end of each weekend. The actual move will be hard for them, but as the reality of this settles in for me, I see that my place here- or anywhere for that matter- is temporal. Relationships are more fluid than I imagined, and life goes on. It doesn't seem like it should- like this earth-shaking change in your life should as deeply affect those around you as it does you. That's not realistic and I am coming to see that. (Not in a bad way- I am not trying to lash out here!) :)
It's an odd feeling. I know I need to withdraw from things here. It's only natural, and healthy, not to stay latched on to what's comfortable and to transition into the new things God is bringing. I guess I just didn't foresee it all happening before I actually had to go- and that's been the revelation this week. It's probably a form of self-protection- withdrawing from what you know won't last.

I just wish it was easy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

And she's off!

Bella's newest favorite hobby... Perfected just last weekend:

And how is she feeling about it all?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The post in which I will get a song stuck in your head.

... which is ONLY fair because I have been singing it since early this afternoon. I've been flashing to pre-game basketball warm-ups which is the only place you hear this song played, and OFTEN if your husband coaches JV and Varsity basketball.

But I digress...
We are in THE FINAL COUNTDOWN as my doctor said today that he would induce us one month from today! October 11th will be the birthdate of our little Dahl unless for some miraculous reason he, unlike his siblings, makes his own debut before then. I'm thinking the 11th is looking good.

We are all excited, and have much trim to paint in our FOR SALE home within the next month, which means this mama had better get her tush to bed.
Good night, all! :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And some kitchen photos to update you!




For the Faithful...

... readers who might actually be checking this dinosaur after all this time!

We are alive. We are well. We are undergoing a season of change like no other in the Dahl house, and learning that although it may be hard, it may stretch us, change isn't bad. Just uncomfortable.

For those who don't know, Jaker accepted a late-posted teaching job in his home town. It's a state away, and will be good. We have wonderful family there- the kids will grow up with grandparents in the same town, it is no further for the other grandparents... It's just change. And just as our addition/remodel is getting done. And just as the baby is only 5 weeks from being born. We will miss our church family more than anything. We've made Dear, Dear friends here over the past decade, and have grown to love our community... but it's our church and friends we will miss the most.

SO... I have started my first week of "single-momming-it" as Jake travels down for the week and will come back on weekends. We have hired out the finishing of the house... one guy is doing the siding and another the finishing work inside. A third gentleman from church graciously came today to put trim up out of the kindness of his heart! (See why it will be so hard to leave our friends here!?) The details are coming together. I have a goal of doing Kindergarten with Bella in the mornings (today we started when the boys got on the bus at 7:45 and were done by 9:15.), packing and cleaning with her until noon and then after lunch tackling the list of many little things that need doing- painting for the most part. We have (maybe foolishly) decided to have an impromptu open house this Saturday, which is our city-wide garage sale day. I hope to have a really good cleaning day on Friday! :)

The Lord has been good to us in so many ways. Today He provided a place for us to stay for Nov - March! (We are not planning on a quick house sale- though I trust He could do it- the market around here is TERRIBLE!) Not a small thing seeing as how the town we are headed to was one of the worst hit in the recent Minnesota floods!

That's about it. I better get my sleep tonight. I've got a Kindergartner who will need me at my best in the AM. Not to mention an active 34-week-gestational baby that is sapping me of the last of my energy for the day. Why is it they rev up as I putter down?

I'll leave you with a "First Day of School" photo of my babies...