Monday, April 20, 2009

Whirlwind of a month!

Before this month was even upon us I knew it was going to be a busy one. Just flipping through my planner I would think- "Uff... That April's going to be BUSY!" And here we are! Three weeks of the month have flown by already. :)

This past weekend we got to spend a very fun weekend with very good friends in the Dells. Yes, I do have pictures. No, I don't have them ready to post. Sorry.

This week is muy exciting for the Madre and Padre of this household. :) We are headed on vacation-- Just us. :) The kids will be in the wonderful hands of all four grandparents who are tag-teaming while we are away. It's been a long time since we traveled together and I'm brimming with excitement! :) I'll share more next week.

I was hoping to have the basement all painted before we leave, and am realizing that just isn't going to happen. Lanman only naps up to 3 hours a day. I'm aiming to sneak down there tomorrow and finish the first coat in the hallway/kitchenette. That leaves the bathroom, the boys' room and a final coat in the family room/hall/kitchenette. Bella's room, the stairwell and first coat family room are DoNe. :) Slowly but surely we will conquer that space!

I'm off to bed. Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Little Schiester,

Lanman Jon Mason!
Get used to hearing that, my little man, because after the stunt you pulled today I have a feeling it's coming often!
Today, while mama was working on some stuff on the computer, you meandered off from the bedroom. I was not alarmed, as you had been toddling off to bring me books and toys. I actually thought perhaps you had found one lone interesting toy and were spending time with it. When I called you, I heard a mother's sure sign of trouble... SILENCE.
Knowing that you have mastered our door handles I jumped up and ran. I knew you couldn't be too far and I hadn't heard the front door's tell-tale "whooshing" sound. So I started calling you, "Lanman?"
I ran from our room to the laundry room, checked the doors, the kitchen, under the kitchen desk, back to our closet the big kids' room, all in about 10 seconds and you were gone. NOT a TRACE.

(Settle down, Mom, it ends good.)

I stopped. Took a deep breath and was about to head for the basement when I nearly jumped out of my skin, you stinker!

There you were, laying ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER!

(suspicious egg-shaped foil in shreds around you...)

So I did what every good mother would do.
I grabbed my camera and turned AWAY when I laughed at you.

Love always(you stink pot),
Your Mommy

P.S.In case anyone else is reading this besides Lanman... my patient Sister-in-Law helped me put this up in our basement FAMILY room last week.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Hugging my babies tight.

I follow a number of blogs regularly.
Most of them are those of family and friends.
After all, I started this blog to keep those we love up-to-date on stories and photos of the kids.

Some of the blogs I read belong to people I don't know, or didn't. After you read glimpses of a person's life for a number of years you feel as though you do know them.

Tonight I was reading the post of someone I don't "know," who shared the loss of two families.
Both lost a child unexpectedly in the past week.
Pictures of the child were posted.
Funeral arrangements.
I spent more time than I realized scrolling back and reading about the families. Posts just the day before were normal, everyday occurrences, much like I share on this site.
Not much to note- just life.

But what a gift it is.
These days that I get to see my babies smile and laugh and share stories of what happened on the playground.
I get to hear them tell me about what they had for lunch, how fast they biked home and the new kid in their class.
I get to hold them as they sleep, watch their little chests rise and hear their soft breath.
I get to remind then to eat their veggies, wipe up their spills and resweep the floor.

Most days I wouldn't look at these as blessed opportunities. And by Thursday I may not take the time to reflect on it all. But right now I am trying to imagine an unexpected loss like these two moms are living and it sucks the air right out of me.
I don't know what tomorrow will bring.
I don't hold my kids' futures.
I know the God who does, and I trust Him with it all.
And I'm off... to hug and hold my babies.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My first review: Read and Share DVD Bible: Vol. 1

I recently agreed to join the Book Review Blogging Team for Thomas Nelson Publishers. I like that the reviews can be done on my own timetable and to start out I picked a product I knew I could get through rather easily... A Children's DVD. :)

I received the "Read and Share DVD Bible Volume 1" and first watched it with my 18-month-old. The DVD is made up of 13 Bible stories told in 3-minute segments. The animation is basic and moves slowly, which seemed to really help keep my toddler's attention. I thought we would just watch the first couple stories, but he was captivated for seven stories before he toddled away. The DVD incorporates lots of small animals which grabbed his attention and kept it. I know that at this point he doesn't follow the Bible stories being told, but he is hearing them and that is important.

The stories that are included on this DVD are:
1. The Beginning
2. Adam and Eve
3. The Flood
4. Abram
5. Isaac and Rebekah
6. Jacob and Esau
7. Rachel
8. Home Again
9. John the Baptist
10. Jesus is Born
11. Jesus Tempted by Satan
12. Jesus Loves Children
13. One Lost Sheep

After watching the DVD I think children ages 18 months to 5 or 6 years-old would most enjoy it. That being said, our older children, ages 7, 9, and 11 all watched the DVD the entire way through and really liked it. :)

Check out the entire Thomas Nelson site for books, DVDs, Bible studies and other tools to help you in your walk. I will share these reviews periodically. Feel free to share your feedback!

For Sarah... :)

Yes, I am blogging two days in a row.
And I am outside!! Love it!
This will be a really quick photo update as BL will start momentarily, but...

Here is Noodle last Friday night at the 4th, 5th and 6th grade Honors Music Night... He was a little expressionless, but his Mama loved every minute of the show!

Here is Lanman during his "De da Puppy?" antics...

Here is Bella's soon-to-be room! My SIL and I painted it today--- All but the ceiling. :) Weird shot, I know, but I wanted to get all of the colors in... It's aqua, pink and green.

And here is a bad cluttered shot of the stairwell/family room... Green and tan! I love colors!

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Monday, April 06, 2009

In which I update you on sweetness, cuteness and my randomness...

Well, spring might NOT be here. It's been awful cold since I last posted, but we did NOT get the 6-12 inches of snow they threatened we would. A few flakes in the sky is all it turned out to be, and a happy girl am I.

Most know (via the facebook world) I celebrated my birthday last Friday and I just have to share the sweetness of my kids. Noodle made me a CD of all my favorite songs. Jake explained the process he went through to choose them... "No, I don't hear her sing that one very much... YEAH-- She loves that one!" Oh, my heart was a puddle. :) Doodle (bless his sweet little heart) had a package on my bedside table for three days before- But it was strictly labeled.. "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE THIRD!" The night before he told me I should open it as soon as I opened my eyes "'cause it might come in handy in the morning." He spent his own money on a bag of fresh ground coffee! :) Sweet boy!! I make a huge deal of how delicious it is every morning. :) Bella went to the local Kwik Trip and bought not one, but TWO chapsticks for me. And one for her. How cute is that?
I love 'em (the kids. the chapsticks, too, I guess).
What a treasure!

Jaker and Noodle are off on a three day field trip together.
Well, them and the rest of the fifth grade class.
It's at an environmental learning center about 30 minutes away. They spend two nights and three days there. It's a neat experience! Today they "worked" at a rebuilt Indian village... Grinding wheat and a couple other tasks and learning about the first inhabitants of our area. Tomorrow morning they do a high ropes course. :) The rest of us are doing great. I know some who hate being home alone with the kiddos, but I really don't mind it one bit. Somehow it's more relaxed. I'm not sure why as Jake brings no demands for schedule or big meals... It's just the change of pace, I guess. We got homework done really quickly, Dawson ran two errands (big boy!), Jake's grandma stopped in to love on the kids a bit and we got to invite her for supper tomorrow night. We played Countdown and Apples to Apples (Both wonderful Dahl favorite games from a wise game-picker-outer )
Then off to bed and down-time for this mama. :) Loved our night, kiddos!

I have to share a new Lanman antic. This kiddo is personality plus. He came running into the dining area when Grandma was here and showed us a little puppy he had in his hand.
Suddenly whoop--- both little hands tucked together behind his back and he rattled off, "De Da Puppy?"
I just looked at him at first, not quite sure what he was doing, but before I said anything,
POP! His hands came out from behind him with the puppy, "DE DA PUPPY!!"
He did this over and over as Grandma and I shook with laughter...
"Where's the puppy?"
"There's the puppy!"
The funniest part were his short little arms both tucked so properly behind his little back. :)
Maybe you will all have to see it to understand the cuteness.
Of course he wouldn't do it for the camera!
I'm glad laughter is good for the soul. :)

In other news, the painting has begun! I've started a lot of places, actually and hope to reign it in. The basement is mostly primed. One of Ellie's walls is mostly done. The stairwell area needs one more coat. I painted a four foot section of the tan in the living room...
It makes you sick, doesn't it! I am a great starter and am working on getting a bit more organized in it all. The color-lover in me loves to see it all. Now tomorrow I'm going to finish priming and finish the two "almost done walls."
Scouts Honor.
But for now I'm off to that big ol' bed. :) I'll sleep... like a king.