Friday, March 30, 2007

Wrapping up the Week

Well, here you have it. I am carrying a wee one the size of a fig this week. That translates to T-202 days until the addition (physical house addition) must be finished! Ahhh...

For those who don't know the minute-by-minute plans of the Dahl family... We had been looking to do a kitchen remodel this summer and after news of the fig hit, decided quickly that an additional bedroom trumped the need for pretty countertops and floors. So we are looking at (and praying for) putting on an "east wing" master bedroom. Your prayers for wisdom would be greatly appreciated as we begin this project. We are newbies at the building process and it seems a bit daunting at this end.

This weekend holds some time with my mom as she is headed up for a short visit. We hope to shop in the morning and she'll spend some time with Jake and the kids as I head into work tomorrow night.

We've had a rainy, cold end of the week. The days have rushed by and I've spend most of my time in the kitchen, it seems. My aunt had sent me a subscription to "Cooking Light" for about 5 years and I recently compiled two cookbooks of what I thought our family would enjoy from them. So far we have not been disappointed... Mango and Raspberry Crisp, Chocolate Zucchini Bread, Cuban Picadillo, Beef and Barley Soup, Pork Tenderloin Enchiladas, Chicken/Cheesy Noodle Bake... they've all been very good. And what better place to be on a rainy spring day than a warm kitchen? (OK, a comfy chair in front of a fire. Or bed. There are better places.)

De- I am contemplating the Real Moms post. I'm not ignoring you! :)

Take Care. Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring has sprung

Ahh, we enjoyed the beginning of this week when temperatures soared into the upper 70's!! Doodle pulled out his bat and ball and gave me a lesson on the "correct stance" to take when at bat. The poor guy needs to pull up a better pitcher from the minors. He stayed calm and kept giving me pointers. "Mommy, maybe I should just stand over here (moves four ft. to the right), cause it seems like that's where your pitches usually go." I could just squeeze him!! (And did!)

***Edited*** Thanks, Tammy!

This is Bella on our beautiful Monday. Contrary to how it appears, she is covered- she just had her leotard ("dancing outfit") on under her poncho. "Cause it's kind of like shorts, right, Mom?" Yeah, kind of. Like the kind you don't wear in public... unless you're five and in your own yard.


Ok, Shannon linked to this, but if for some sad reason you didn't catch it there- and are in need of a deep abdominal workout... ENJOY.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

In which I compare my child to a citrus fruit

This is the size of the baby this week- we're back up to ten weeks. :) She/He is a kumquat. the kids are amazed at the updates in physical development we get each week from Babycenter. Ellie always gushes, "OH, Awww... I just love our baby!!" and gives my very normal abdomen a big cold kiss. I hope the love continues.

Jake and the kids are off to the Basketball banquet at school- a pizza buffet for which I am grateful (not to be in the midst of supper preparation, I mean). After a busy day I am staying home! I hope to go for a walk and then return to pack for a get-away this weekend! Me, and as De put it, forty of my closest friends! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We did school today from 8 -10:30!!! Now to some that isn't a biggie at all, but lately we've been starting so late that it takes the whole morning. We're getting down there... 25 lessons in the curriculum to go, but much reading and writing and spelling to teach in the "off-season." (Oh, and gestating and building on an addition, and spring cleaning, and purging of junk, and...) Yeah, we're really never "done."

Life is rolling along here at the Dahl house. We have friends visiting today and you wouldn't know there are any kids here. A gray, drizzly day + Little House + Pollys = quiet. Ahhh.

I am off to get Teriyaki Chicken prepped for supper.

Oh- I got these for my kids for Easter today. Check out the website... The words on these CD's are straight from Scripture, yet a bit more appealing to a little bit older kids than Steve Green's classics "Hide 'em in your Heart." I'm excited to get them! Thank you, Girltalk ladies for the suggestion!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Wicked good time

We had a great time in Madison. My sister had lots of fun on the agenda for the kids. We mini-golfed, visited the library, went bowling and went to a movie. I got to catch up with my best friend from high school one evening while the kids were in my sister's care. Jake watched more basketball than I previously thought was possible between the State Tournament and NCAA Tournament.

The highlight however came on Saturday when my mom and sister, aunt, cousin and I headed down to Chicago for Wicked. It was SUCH a fun day! We were seeing green and loving it!

Lottie and I and the St. Patty's Day fountain

Lottie, Sara, Me, Mom and Char right after the show!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In which I apologize for neglect- the 18 step plan...

1. I apologize for my delinquency as a Blogger in the past weeks.
2. The ticker at the very bottom of the page is the accurate one.
3. I am at the "tree trunk," "thick middled" stage of pregnancy which feels yucky.
4. But I'm not sick!
5. Doodle was invited to go to school this morning for "Waffle Wednesday."
6. That is why I am blogging at this time of day.
7. I went out late last night and slept very hard upon my return.
8. I am still in a bit of a zone.
9. I need to get out of this zone as I need to pack to get 5 people out of the house in T-minus 8 hours.
10. Here I sit.
11. Thinking surely a milked-down latte wouldn't hurt the kidney bean.
12. The baby is kidney bean-sized this week, moving into a grape on Thursday.
13. I get to see my sissy tomorrow!
14. We are invading her house for FOUR nights!
15. It doesn't seem like I missed telling you about much over the past two+ weeks.
16. It just really flew by.
17. And I'm sorry.
18. For being a delinquent Blogger.