Friday, April 21, 2006

Dahl kid photo update

Spring brings a new sense to the word busy, so a photo update will be this week's post!

Doodle and two of his favorite things: Football and Mattie.

Queen Bella (the "crown" is the insert to a construction helmet! Oh, the power of imagination!):

The annual egg-dye at Great-Grandma's!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Off to Celebrate!

We've been enjoying BE-A-U-tiful weather in the northwoods and EVERYONE in the Dahl house is lovin' it! The kids have been out as soon as the books close in the morning. Noah suddenly has an urge to be homeschooled again, as "you get to play more!" This from a kid with two recesses! TWO! I swear I grew up in the dark ages. one measly recess...
This morning I dug through my freezer madly trying to figure out what I could bring along to Easter at mom and dad's this weekend. NOT because of pressure of what to contribute, but rather a gentle reminder from my husband that the 1/2 a pig we ordered is coming next week! AHHH! So, Grammy Bird is going to be the lucky recipient of some frozen zucchini (I come from a long line of zucchini bread eaters), and a frozen ham bone (in a long-looked-for rubbermaid container). Not being a fan of pea soup, I'm not real sure why I saved it (except that I was raised very German and the thought of throwing away something that would cause a depression-era German to gasp ... I just felt the pressure to throw it in the freezer).

So, we're just awaiting the arrival of DH. The van is packed and ready and the children are snacking on non-chocolate things (we've had bad experiences with chocolate, the car and vomit. ugh). We're off to have a good old-fashioned holiday with the extended family. Easter is a very big deal in my family. My siblings, as well as the 3 cousins and now our spouses (as 20-somethings, anyway, I'm not sure if it crosses into 30-somethings) have had basket hunts to end all basket hunts... Hid 15 miles away, crawlspaces, open fields... We're talking hard core. Oh- the TRUE reason of the season is celebrated as well. :)

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 07, 2006

My life... in fours

I've done one similar to this, but I'm game! (I'll try to give some new answers)

4 Jobs I've Had:
1. Mommy
2. server at a Relais and Chateau property
3. CNA in a nursing home
4. Office Assistant in the Student Senate office inn College

4 Movies/Shows I've Been Addicted To:
1. ER (Used to be)
2. Dateline
3. Law and Order
4. Jeopardy

4 Places I've Lived:
1. Small town in east-central Wisconsin
2. Small town in north-westren Wisconsin
3. Medium sized town in northren Wisconsin
4. a summer camp cabin (ya know, for a couple weeks at a time!)

4 Countries I'd like To Visit:
1. Brazil
2. Yap (Micronesia- we have friends that are missionaries there)
3. Ireland
4. Scotland (return visit)

4 Popular False Assumptions About Me:
1. I am confident
2. I have this organization thing down (closet and cupboard doors hide a lot)
3. I have led a pristine life
4. I have a storybook marriage (does anyone?)
(the last two are in agreement to Ruby...)

4 People I Look Like:
1. RG from church!
2. a boy from Green Bay, WI (funny story... I attended the Shopko fireworks in Green Bay with friends in early college and as we were slowly leaving we were behind this truck and the boy sitting on the tailgate looked like he could have been my brother. At the time my friends and I were convinced he was, as I was adopted! I have a photo of me and the poor kid.)
3. ???
4. ???

4 Things I Hope To Do Before I Die:
1. Instill in my children joy and love of the Lord, and watch them walk with Him
2. Hike the AT (right, Jaker?)- OK, probably only a portion af it.
3. Travel round the world with my husband (kids, too if they're in!)
4. Spend time with short(long?)-term foreign missions

There, now it's your turn Laura!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stain season

It is upon us again... grass stained knees and ground in dirt. I need to go out and load up on some sort of stain treater. I love Biz for soaking, but I'm searching for a good spot cleaner. I've never used Oxyclean (that's for soaking or adding to a load, right?). I've tried Spray and Wash with mixed results. One thing I do like and have had success with (especially on grease-based stains) is Goop Hand Cleaner. What do you use?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

'tis true...

Yesterday was a milestone in my life as my 20's ended. I had a great day... One of the highlights being an hour and a half of football in the front yard with Doodle!

Here's an excerpt from the big game,
Doodle: Mom, you have to have a move that you do when you score.
Me: I do?
Doodle: Yeah, and mine's this (Ball spike followed by a muscle stance with a super tough face to boot), so you can't do that one.
Me: OK, can I do this (Funky Dance with thumbs up sign)?
Doodle: I guess so.

He then went on to let me know when I could or could not perform my funky dance. When I did it at an inappropriate time I was quickly chastised with a "MOOOOOOMMMMM! Not NOW!" We had a blast.

We went out for dollar burgers at the local watering hole and came home to a phone call from Mommy at Helms Deep that they had a treat to bring over. Mmmmm... Ice cream cake.... Thanks, Helms Clan :)

All in all, I'm sure this decade will bring joy. I do tear up a little to think that before this decade ends I'll have three teenagers. Two of them will be driving. My first baby will graduate from high school... I have to stop.

I'll leave you with a photo from yesterday's football frenzy: