Sunday, March 16, 2008

Embracing Chaos

The good news is that we closed on the new house this past Tuesday and have full access to our sweet new home. It's going to be great- once it gets settled.

The down side is that we have 98% of our stuff in one state, but the two houses we are transitioning are both in complete "thrown up" mode. Neither have any semblance of order. It's really, really yucky.

My hope is that we get totally OUT of the Aunt and Uncle's house in the next week. Stuff out, Cleaned, Everything back in its place... Finito.

THEN I will turn to settling, organizing and finding places for things in the new house- which really is the better of the two jobs.

We are still going to come over here to use the internet sporadically, but are not able to connect at our new house until our other house sells. :( I am hoping to use the wireless through the library every now and again. It makes me sad not to have all of you at my fingertips, but all the more reason to pray hard for a quick sale. :)

I am really missing all my friends. A lot. Without a date for "next time" it feels like a more permanent separation. That and the turn of seasons. Spring... and we are still here? Not going "home?" I love you, my friends and am thinking of you with tears more often that you know! I'm kind of glad all the moving and cleaning is taking my time up right now. Less time to dwell on missing ya'll!

I will be here the next few days to clean out. I hope to be able to jump on line a couple more times.

I better run. LanMan is probably screaming for his Mommy. Jake is holding down the fort while I "run over and get a load." I will check back soon!
Love you ALL!