Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our week in Photos

Here's a glimpse of the kids at their Christmas Concert and just "doing what they do." Lanman loving on his sister's babies, Bella as the "Reader of the Day" in her classroom, Lanman on Santa's lap (I was surprised at how well that went!), Our kids at Doodles "Bowling Birthday" party and Lanman and Daddy posing in their cute Scandinavian hats. We wish you a very safe and happy weekend!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


OK, those who read the post earlier today, I have to fess up.
I stayed home with the kids.
But the truth is, I was out of the running for "Wife of the Year" way back on January first.
BUT they won! The Trojans won! Whoo Hoo!
We're just in it for one year, so that makes it easier in some ways and harder in others. A first victory on your home court is a big hurdle to overcome and I'm so happy it came in the first home game.

Staying home made me realize that 7:30 is going to be a difficult start time for my Lanman, who goes to bed like clockwork at 8:00. Hmm. I really hadn't thought about that part. I'll be the mama swaying in the lobby with a fussy toddler who Just. Wants. To. Be. Laid. Down. He is not a snuggler when he's ready for bed. No rocking for that boy! I'll keep you posted on our game attendance.

In other news.. Whoo Hoo for Michelle and team black! I am thrilled that she won season 6 of The Biggest Loser! I am thinking about proposing the idea of "Biggest Toner." My SIL and I talked about it... I really don't want/need to drop a ton of weight, but what I got is wobbly. I want to be the Biggest Toner. :) And I'll start that right after the temperatures rise above zero.

Well, just had to share my excitement for the Trojans with ya'll. Off to bed with me.
Good night!

Baby, it's CoLd outside!

I am very grateful for our cozy home (though we have window condensation issues and small chunks of ice forming inside some of them... Too well insulated?! Ugh.) and a husband who was willing to pick up milk, the mail and stop at the bank yesterday. That left Lanman and I able to cozy-in and (I would like to say read ahead of a warm fire all day) clean. We don't have a fireplace (though it's on my short-list right after "basement finishing") and had icky dust bunnies ruling the joint, so clean we did! He "helps." :) We did read quite a bit as he is very much like his eldest brother and will sit for up to an hour on my lap looking at books. There is a lot of "Ehh?" pointing and me repeating the same animal names and sounds, but he does "Bzz" for bees, snorts like a pig, "Boooo" for cows and makes the funniest little panting sound for puppies, so reading "The Little People Farm Book" 12 times a day is working its magic.

Last week did indeed bring a snow day on Doodle's Golden Birthday. I will admit my exhaustion at the end of the day. I was in turbo-decluttering-mode. Whew. We had a fun day despite an exhausted mama. Jaker's first game was delayed, which means there are now two weeks in January with 3 games. :) This, too, is just a season. A LONG, cold season. :)

The Christmas concert was also postponed from last Monday night to Thursday, and the kids did a great job. Unlike last year, Doodle did not roll his eyes with each song change. Bella's bow was a bit askew and made her look a bit like a Who from Whoville, but boy, she sang those songs with gusto. :) I apologize as photos are still on my camera and if I get up I may never come back to finish this post.

The weekend brought a trip to see Holly Jo, my dear college roomie! She and her family are so fun to be with. Our girls play beautifully together and Lanman the brute met his match with their little Gracie. It was good for him to be on the other end of tumble-to-the-floor Hugs. :) My MIL and I did a lefse demonstration for the Scandinavian promotion at Holly's cute Gourmet Kitchen Store... On my top ten list of favorite places to hang out. :) The lefse turned out beautiful thanks to Joyce's expertise and Ohh, I had so much fun with Holly! :) Love you, girl!

So here we are, just 9 days from Christmas! Yeah!! I am so excited for the next two weeks of togetherness! This weekend we are headed to Madison to celebrate with my parents and siblings. I'm counting the moments!

Tonight is Jake's first home game and I am officially out of the running for wife-of-the-year as I am really torn between going to the game and watching the Season Finale of Biggest Loser. It's the only show we watch. Ever. So seeing as there are 24 more games and only this one Finale, am I justified in my split devotion? Probably not. I should probably just record it and go. Alright, Alright... You talked me into it. (We ARE supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow this afternoon... I suppose it would be bad to pray for a delay, too? :) )

Well, here's to a attempt to blog our daily comings and goings a bit more.
Have a Blessed Week!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

I laugh when I see that two months have passed since I've recorded our daily "bustle" here on the blog. Would you like to guess when Lanman started walking? :) That's right... About two months ago and since then the "busy-ness" of our lives has kicked up a notch! :)

Since I'm sending out our Christmas cards today, and in lieu of a letter had our blog address printed on them, I figured I better visit the blog myself and do a little update on the past two months! Now I know why blogging daily, or weekly is so important... I had to pull my planner out to see what we've been up to! It's a blur in the midst of it all, but I wouldn't trade our flurry of activity for anyone else's life. We are blessed. :)

After our last post, we did, in fact, make it to my parent's house for a long weekend. Our van needed a trip to the shop, yes, we brought Joyce's Buick and it provided a very close family experience. It also helped us see that a mini-van will be a staple in our lives for many years to come. :) The extra inches are a luxury. While with Mom and Dad we took a day at a Mulberry Lane Farm- Very fun for all!
(I'm having trouble getting the photos to load... I will try later...)

The end of October brought the beginning of our small group at church, which we are very excited about, and Halloween, of course! Here are our little goblins:

Well, these are their jack o' lanterns. Here they are all dressed up as Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, Laura Ingalls and a frog. Oh, and Jaker. Dressed as Daddy of the Year. :)

I got to meet up with my sister a couple of times in October and November, which was SO much fun. Lanman enjoyed the time getting to know Auntie Lottie better, too.

November brought Noodle's second Bible Quizzing meet for the year, where he stepped up to Division B and is now quizzing with 6, 7 and 8th graders. He's doing well and loves to go to the meets in the Cities. Our Dear Friends came to visit for a weekend in November! We love company. And will love it even more when the rooms in our basement are finished off. :)

The week before Thanksgiving brought a stomach bug to the Dahl house which only Noodle and I avoided. :) It continued though, and nearly all of Jake's visiting siblings fell and fell hard to it. Our house felt like a big ol' germ, so the kids and I- Now a week removed from it and feeling well- bugged off to my parents for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! :) It wasn't the same without Jaker there, but he stayed busy with family and the kids were great to travel with. We got to see all of my cousins on Mom's side (all three!) and their families and it was the best weekend of Canasta I've had in a long time!

Jake started coaching the Boy's Varsity basketball team the week of Thanksgiving. The head coach is taking a year off, so it is a "caretaking" position. He's enjoying it and trying hard to keep all his "plates" in the air and spinning until March. :) That's where the family teamwork part kicks in and I rely even more heavily on grace! :)

Christmas preparations are being made at the Dahl house. :) With just Lanman home during the day, and being settled in our new home I am truly enjoying them this year.
The cards are done, shopping is done (Thanks to Jake taking a comp day, we got to shop together!) and wrapping is finished. Decorating is done and we've been baking. Candles have been burning steadily and carols playing. I've been drinking boatloads of "peppermint mocha" flavored coffee. Ahh. :)

Tomorrow marks a big day in our house... our first Golden Birthday! Doodle turns Nine on the 9th and boy, is he excited! Don't tell him.. but there is a real bow and arrow set awaiting his handling hidden away. :) He's going to be armed... and thrilled. :)

I best be on my way... I hear a great stomping on the porch, which means the kiddos have arrived. We are expecting 6- 12" of snow this evening and all day tomorrow. I just love these days when we can cozy in and be together (can you tell I'm counting on a snow day? :))

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So, I was running some errands around town- In preparation for a road trip to my parents over our long weekend and the van makes a funny sound with battery light action. Hmm.
I pull over and do my best auto mechanic move.
Turn it off and back on again.
To no avail.

My next planned stop was the Auto Parts Store (I kid you not).
Auto Parts Man says, "I'll see you later for an alternator."

I call Jake.
We have it tested and yes, we need an alternator.

So Jake's mom graciously offered her Buick for the road trip.
This is where I make no jokes about never owning a Buick because only old people drive Buicks. :)
I call shot-gun.

The finality of the cuteness...

Some will think it strange that this is finding a spot on the blog. But here is my favorite shot of the weekend...

Now that my baby is a toddler, though... the love of his sweet little feet will come to a screeching halt soon. This is the last foot photo to grace this site. Enjoy it.

A day of play

So we had a great weekend...
Family time, together time.

Noodle, Doodle and Bella helped plant squash and pumpkins this year and Grandma let them bring a load to the farmer's market to sell on Saturday. They were so excited and had fun helping people carry their purchases away.

Jake's quote of the day? "People just don't buy squash from Ninjas. The headband should really go." It wasn't true. People do- at least when the ninja is six and has a cute little dimple. :)

After our entrepreneurs finished up we worked in the yard for awhile and then loaded up in the van. It was Lanman's big day- his first birthday- and the carseat turning snuck right up on me! :) Here is his reaction:


And off we were to hike (mama's fAvOrItE) in the state to the south... in Jaker's first college town. We found a beautiful waterfall and stream... and the kids LOVED playing, jumping, climbing and collecting. Here are our big guys...

Oh, they are growing up so fast! I am thoroughly loving the stage of life we are in. It is a joy. Busy sometimes, but a joy. I love you, my dear family.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Dear Lanman,
This weekend brought a milestone both to you and our family-- You are one-year-old, my love! Just a year ago you entered our lives. It's hard to fathom that there was a time I was content without you. Because I really thought I was-- Until I met you.

I was blessed to meet you long before the rest of this world. It was Bella's fifth birthday we knew you were there... and it was then that my heart began to open to the idea of you. I have to admit it wasn't a gusto of swinging open. More of a creakity cracking open. I didn't know then how much we needed you. And how you would complete things so perfectly in our family.

You have been a wonderful baby. Can I say easy baby? Yes. Because you have been. You have slept well-- more importantly gone down easily! You eat like a champ. You have "gone with the flow" during one of our craziest years yet. You adore your siblings and daddy but the truth is that I am your favorite. And aside from your Daddy I don't think I've held that distinction before. I am honored and tickled and so thankful for you.

God knew it all long before you were here. How you would melt the hearts of many and draw our family even closer together. You are a blessing, my sweet Lanman. Your mama loves you. Happy Birthday, Baby.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our Little Ham

Lanman got into the muddy flower garden today just as the big kids were getting home. I was right there, but he was quicker than I. Nice mouthfuls of mud, black muddy pants and socks- it was quite a sight. I didn't grab my camera for it, but I did right after he got out of the tub. Our little cherub is getting some curls and though that is what I meant to capture on film, he started "smiling" (reminiscent of our good friend Boo Boo) when I held the camera up! :)


More to come soon as our "pumpkin" is about to turn one. :)
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And I'm not talking roofing!

Saturday, as Jaker was getting ready for his cousin's wedding I noticed an inch and a half sized spot on his back. It looked like about 20 mosquito bites clustered together, but he said it didn't hurt or itch. While talking to his mom about it she mentioned that it could be shingles and a trip to the clinic confirmed the diagnosis. He has a terribly sore throat (which I read is usually an early symptom) and has now started aching, but it hasn't slowed him down. Poor guy looks like he's been raked over the coals. The blister area hasn't spread any further and is covered by his clothing, so he's able to teach through it. He's on a five horse-pill diet of antiviral meds for a week.

So between Lyme Disease and Shingles are we in the running for weirdest skin/neurological diseases of the year? Life is always interesting at the Dahl house!

Lanman is quickly becoming the busiest baby on earth. He can stand for ten to fifteen seconds easily, so I know he could probably walk, but chooses not to. I am really very OK with that. :)

His choice food lately is dirt, which makes the small landscaping projects I've been trying to tackle in this beautiful weather "challenging" to say the least. I came in frustrated twice with a muddy-mouthed boy. Then I realized that I was pushing to get done what I wanted. When I let it go, God opened up more time than I hoped when the Lanman fell asleep in his stroller during our walk. It ended up being a good day all around.

It must be the time of year that has been making me think "LAST YEAR at this time..." a lot lately. Whoo, I'm glad I don't have to relive that fall. But this is what our peanut looked like at two weeks...

Crazy how fast the year has gone and all the changes that have occured during it. Amazing how God carries you through.
I'm going to go grab a book and a cup o' tea and wait for Jaker. The poor guy had a coaching meeting tonight in Stewartville. (Miss you, Holl Doll!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

First off, these are the eyes that melt my heart each day:

He's getting into just about everything these days, so that is the look I see quite often. "Who me?"

And here is our Sunday afternoon in a nutshell:
In the middle of our FB game yesterday (I was the distinguished all-time QB playing with each of the big boys), Noodle says, "I think I want you to cut my hair today."
When I woke up, cranked on my ears a bit and said, "Huh?" he confirmed that I had heard the impossible.
This from the kid who has spent two years growing his hair long and has laughed at the mere mention of a trim.
I ran towards the house for the clippers and was quickly reprimanded-- "AFTER the game, Mom."

So, we did it.
I asked at least twenty-two times before I turned the clipper on if he was sure.
Wouldn't blame me for the rest of fifth grade?
So, here's the before...

And the after...

And, as I was afraid of, this morning brought tears of regret. He made it through the day with minimal damage and says he's going to eat Jello everyday to encourage regrowth (It was the only ante dote I could think of. Being faced with an out-of-sorts 10-yr-old caused me to grapple some, I'm afraid. Maybe he'll just have strong nails a month from now.)
He had full support from the rest of us:

Jake did a little happy dance when Noodle's back was turned...I returned fist-pumping, silent screams of joy when he turned towards Jake. We're mature like that. :)

It's late.
I've got Jello to make.
Good Night.
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The fat lady has sung

And by that I mean I am not going to can one more thing.
Until next summer.
I don't even want to give the totals of things, which is usually kind of fun. I love the results, like the process, yet am relieved when the chore is finished.

Last week as I was slaving away over bubbling pots of tomatoes I was lamenting the fact that the sun was shining and the temps were gloriously high in MN. The forecast said this week was to drop into the 60's with a chance of rain. Lo and behold this morning I looked again, and it seems as though the Lord is blessing us with a repeat of last week's weather-- 70's and sunny-- which for this girl is perfect. I am beside myself with excitement.

So, Lanman and I are off for a bike ride. He sits in the trailer cute as a bug and spends the entire ride trying to rip his helmet off. It keeps him entertained, at least! I hope to tend to some wayward bricks in our landscaping and soak in the last of summer's glory.
And love on my baby boy.
Who is SO close to his first steps.
Which I am not encouraging AT ALL.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This blog will resume...

...right after canning is done!

I've been up to my elbows the past two weeks in tomatoes, applesauce, peaches and pears. I just love the feeling of having all this home-grown, organic-at-its-best food in our cupboard for the year but-whew- it's taking its toll! Today Lanman and I will be canning the applesauce and then spending the rest of the day outside. It's a day to savor- 75 and sunny. :) My fave.

Our little cherub is getting busier with each passing day. More determined and into whatever he can find. He's not walking yet, but can stand on his own. He's also considering the idea of giving up his morning nap. I knew this would be coming soon, but am not quite ready! He fusses when I lay him down in the a.m. and sleeps a little shorter each day. I guess there are pros to one long afternoon nap, too.

The older kids are just loving school. All three of them. Bella not only shows, but explains to me each problem she does on each worksheet she brings home. It's precious! Part of me soaks it in and part wants to shout, "OK! I get it! I know what patterns are after the tenth one!!!" (The first instinct is the external one.)
Doodle is his Daddy through and through. Nothing phases the boy. He's LAID back and goes with the flow. He's doing great with his school work and loving recess kickball games.

Noodle is really enjoying being in Jake's class. He told me that yesterday the two fifth grade classes opened the dividing wall for a science experiment. He said, "Mom, I just can't imagine being on the other side of the wall knowing my dad was over there spending time with the other kids and I didn't get to be one of them." We let him think about his initial assignment to the other class over the summer and were OK with him being in it- we LOVE the other teacher like an adopted grandma. Noah came to Jake and said he thought he'd rather be in Jake's class since this would be his only chance. It was a decision he got to make and the school didn't have a problem with it. This morning he said, "At first I just wanted you guys to decide for me because it seemed like a really big decision, but I'm glad you let me think about it and decide where I wanted to be. I'm glad I'm with Dad."
He's growing up so fast, but still our little boy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Well, here I sit, the best procrastinator ever. I should be packing to go on a road trip- Whoo Hoo- but I'm not. I have to gather things for me and the four chitlins: clothes, eats, entertainment. I have to pop the last seat in the van (sometimes it's just easier to leave it out... for Lanman's chariot to fit, ease of in and out, etc.), straighten out the house and pack the van. I did my anal van vacuuming and Windex "detailing" (Sorry, Buddy, I know you're shaking your head at my product)two days ago. I love road trips- but NOT in a dirty van! I need to go spray a little Febreeze to rid the stench of commercial strength carpet spot cleaner and sweaty boy feet. Then we're good to go.

Can't wait to arrive at the cousins' house! We are looking forward to a weekend of football and soccer games and late night giggling. Can't wait to see the new house! Now if I can just get some packing done...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How Do I Love Thee? *updated edition*

1. I love your dimples, your humility, your constant support and fun-filled "true companion"ship. :)

2. I love your inhibition, your love of life and your sweet heart (You know your Mommy's love of frogs, rocks and daisies.).

3. I love your thoughtful ways, your playfulness and your kind spirit.

4. I love your attentiveness to everything around you, your budding sense of humor and being your very favorite person.

5. I love your glow, your excitement and the fervor with which you lap up life.

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Merely a Sideshow

Fall is a time for fresh starts- more so for me than the New Year is. Probably because I have always lived with the school calendar as my guide due to my teacher husband.

So this fall I promised myself a regular exercise regime. Yesterday I tried a "Post-baby Rehab your Abs" workout I tore out of some magazine and I really liked it. Lanman did, too as he thought it was completely for his entertainment. He sat about 3 feet away clapping and laughing until he could take it no more and laid his head on my chest- belly laughing. Which caused me to laugh at him laughing... and well, they say laughter is good exercise, or the best medicine or something that's good for you, right? I eventually finished the workout, and am happy to report sore abs this morning. All further toning will be done at nap time.

Off for our walk!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Such a privilege...

I've been thinking lately. This blog is somewhat of a journal for my kids. A journal with big gaping holes :), but there are some things I want them to know. This is the first:

I love being an at-home mom. I love the privilege of raising my kids. Of being able to be here with them as babies and preschoolers. I don't mean to offend, but I can't fathom dropping them off with someone else for the entire day. It would kill me! I can handle used cars, no cable and whatever else for this season-- just let me be the one to raise my babies! I have loved this season of life. Of being the first one to see their firsts. My mom has done in-home day care for 32 years now and countless times she has seen a baby's first steps, heard their first word, etc., only for the parents to come two weeks later announcing what they think to be a first. She's never told. A secret better left kept. (Yes, I know the big ones are off to school now, I'm slowing loosening my apron strings. :) )

I love being able to make homemade meals. And keep our house in order. Yes, I probably have more cleaning to do because we're in and out all day, but it's well worth the effort. I love the pace of our lives right now. (This week, any way!) I work outside our home two evenings a week and the first weekend of the month. I really like my job. I love the people I work with. Side by side, though, there is no comparing it to my day job- my real job- of being a mom. I'm so glad that my husband and I share this priority. He is so wonderfully supportive of my being home with our kids and investing in their lives. Jobs will always be out there. Someday? Maybe I'll work outside our home full-time. At one point I would have said definitely. Now? Maybe. I love the season we are in. I love my mission field- my family and community. I thank the Lord for where He has put me and I'm treasuring the "little moments..." because they all goes by much too fast.

So there you go, kiddos. I love ya.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A new season begins

Well, the long awaited day has flown past. School has started again. No one has looked more forward to this day than our Bella, who began her first day of public school in the First Grade.

Everyone had a great day. I loved hearing all the details upon their return home. Noodle had homework (Darn 5th grade teacher! :)), and Doodle had a large scab due to a playground wipe-out, but all in all it was a good start.

Lanman and I had a great day. After teaching one of the kids in the mornings for the past 5 years I couldn't believe how productive our morning was! We read together, and he took a great nap in a quiet house. We took a walk to the hardware store, grocery store and post office, and learned an important life lesson about the dog dish that I am sure I will have to repeat daily. :) ( I would say, "No, Lanman." to which he would heartily shake his head "Nooooo..." as he climbed in with that chubby little fist for more Kibbles.) Oh, what a treat he is, naughtiness and all. :) I loved my day with him.
Here's a photo from the bath Noodle offered to give him the other night... Entitled, "Mom, you've gotta see this!"

Oh, and I leave you with our newest portrait:

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well, summer is drawing to a close and with it my internal instinct to become organized, schedule things and purge our belongings. Which brings a new twist this year as it is the first in five that I won't be formally educating any of our children! :( Their excitement for school is contagious, though, and when I come to realize seasons come and go I am excited for what is on my plate for this season.

I get a second chance at a first child! Which is not exactly the truth of it, but Lanman and I will have one-on-one time all day long, which is kind of a first child thing. I pray I'm a bit more relaxed than I was with Noodle at this age. I'm sure Lanman will have plenty "baby of the family" traits but I am looking forward to the 1:1 time that I didn't have as much with our middle kids.

I know myself pretty well, and know that a lack of structure isn't what is best for me. I am looking to dredge up an old friend- my index card box! Those of you who I attended church with will remember the system a dear friend taught us of organizing your tasks with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly cards. Didn't fit our lifestyle for the past five years real well, but I think a revised system will help me get to all the things I want to make a priority this year. Like finishing the Bible Studies and books I've started but never quite finished, and make exercise a regular part of my routine for the first time in my life. Allowing myself an hour a day to do things like that will feed my "check it off the list" hunger I have! :)

I look forward to settling our things into the basement rooms as soon as they are finished, and look forward to going through the abyss of a garage we are storing everything in for the time being.

I found out about the fall Bible Study at our church yesterday and look forward to taking part in it weekly. Childcare is provided!

I look forward to getting into menus and cooking again. I love trying new things and looking through cookbooks to find recipes for things we have on hand. This hasn't happened for a solid year and a half. I love having family meals and things ready for them when the kids walk in the door. I look forward to making banana bread and cookies and having time to chat with them about their days!

I think it's going to be a quieter fall. More quiet than last year, anyway, which isn't a stretch. :) Not everyday will be orderly and calm, BELIEVE ME- I KNOW, But I'll take it as it comes. I am excited to see what's in store.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Glimpses of our kids

I think this photo is from June- at the local lookout bluff.  They've grown so much since then!Big news for Bella-  She lost her first front tooth!  This was July... and man she's got a hummer of a tooth coming in to replace it.  Poor thing got her Mommy's huge teeth!I could just gobble him up!  Such a sweet little guy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Whoo Hoo! *Edited to wonder what happened to my paragraphs!??!*

We are back from slack!  We are online at home after a very long hiatus and if anyone even checks our little corner of the world anymore- we will be back to blogging in the days and weeks to come. We are well.  It's been a wonderful summer and I am holding on to every last second I can.  :)  I will miss my kiddos terribly when school starts, but am thankful we live so very close and can be involved.  Noodle has the very most handsome and wonderful teacher this year... Don't tell Jake I said that... Oh, yeah, it is Jake, my dear friends. :)  I am so happy they can share this year together.  I'm pretty sure I'll be his "Copy Lady."  :)  Doodle will start 3rd grade and Bella is thrilled to be starting in 1st grade.  Lanman and I have piles to sort, bike trails to conquer and blogs to upkeep. :)We have loved our time together this summer- swimming often, playing lots of little league, coaching a soccer camp, spending time with cousins galore as they came to visit, trips to camp, meet up with friends, and camping with family.  We've worked and waited (mostly waited) to finish our basement.  It's waterproofed now and Jake's working on putting the walls back up. We're hoping to have a big family room, two bedrooms and a bathroom by... Well, soon. :)  The Lord's been molding me to withstand most anything in the "disorder" department which for those of you who know me well, is quite a stretch. :) A good one, really.  I'll share some quick photos to close off for now before my battery dies.  Ok, Tried and failed.  Blogger doesn't want to show you my babies tonight.  I'll try again tomorrow as soon as we're all going.From home.Cause I can.  :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Greetings from the Cave-lady

Ahhh... Just crawling out of the cave-age to let you all know we are alive and well. :) Very well in fact, as the Lanman slept... 9 hours last night! Since his 6 mo. check up and the doctors insistance that Lanman can go 8-10 hours without nourishment (See? another fact I wanted to look up online... it's my lifeline, people! I am an idiot without checking things on this wonderful WWW!!!) We, as in Jake, has been trying to get up and settle him back down without feeding. He's done 5, 6 and now a 9 hour stretch. I think we're getting there!

We have recently had our only bout of illness this whole winter, when Doodle came down with a stomach bug last Tuesday during the night. He stayed homw Wed and was FINE... Then Noah got it during the night Thursday night. Right before the big Fourth Grade play on Friday! :( He tried to go to school, came home at 11, then after a nap and peppermint tea went back for the performance. He was ok after that... just a little under the weather. I hit the wall Saturday evening after a fun day shopping with my mom. :) Thanks so much, Mom!
Now Jake is iffy and so far Bella and Lanman are hanging in there. It was a "knock on wood," blessed to be healthy winter, and if this is the worst we'll get- we'll take it. The photos are all still on the camera of the play... to those who remember... It ranked right up there with "The Spoofydoof's Funnybone!" (LAURA!)

Lanman weighed in last Monday and was in the 25th percentile for length (25 1/2 inches)... an unheard of statistic in our family! Our sweet little shrimp. :) He really jumped the percentile ranks in weight... he's up to the 75th percentile (19 lbs 2 oz). The rolls at his wrists, ankles, knees, thighs, etc. are wonderfully smoochable. :) He has officially passed his year-old dainty girl cousin. :)
Here's our sweet boy. Growing and changing, but still looking a lot like his eldest brother:

(sorry for the blurriness of that last one. 6 month olds are wiggly.)

Bella is loving dance class and is very excited for her upcoming recital. She is making friends through dance and was excited to receive a birthday party invitation! She recently met two neighborhood girls about her age and has a new friend in sunday school, too. :) She's a little social butterfly who will adore going to school with daddy next year.

Doodle and Noodle are both well. Excited for the end of the school year and enjoying being outside more and more. They are thrilled to have the trampoline set up and spend hours on it. Still haven't found those great close friends that I assure them are out there. Little League and the swimming pool this summer will hopefully help establish some good friendships.

We are "church shopping" a bit. We started going to a church in town that we do like- nice people, aligned with truth, etc., but recently visited a bigger church in a town 20 minutes away that we really liked too. This big church has very established kids programs and a huge array of things to become involved in. We would need to find our nitch, as it's bigger than what we are used to. The small church has a good Children's Church program and a quizzing program Noodle really enjoyed, but not much else for kids that is set up until Junior High. Hmm. We are praying for direction and wisdom as to what is best. I think we are leaning toward the big church... where Jake's student teacher is a worship leader and we also found a family that moved away from our home church a couple years ago! (Hornby's, for those who know) Pray with us, would you? :)

We are looking forward to a trip out to South Dakota this weekend to visit friends who, like us ventured from Chetek. It will be fun to see where they are at and see their little girl. :)

We love you all and look forward to visiting the north country... Sometime soon?

Friday, April 11, 2008

I meant for this to be an update... but a photo will have to do. We are alive! And well! Ane missing the internet. Oh, what luxury it is to be online- one I took for granted and miss so much. :( When that house sells- we are reconnecting immediately! Here are our kiddos...

We are moved and semi-settled in the new house. A friend is staying with us as he works in town for a couple weeks and has helped us start to finish off the basement (2bedrooms, a bathroom and family room... along with storage space). Until then it is kind of like living in an apartment, but we are thriving despite the "transition" (aka mess) stage our home is in. :)

I miss you all and send hugs over the internet!
Love ya... Molly
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Embracing Chaos

The good news is that we closed on the new house this past Tuesday and have full access to our sweet new home. It's going to be great- once it gets settled.

The down side is that we have 98% of our stuff in one state, but the two houses we are transitioning are both in complete "thrown up" mode. Neither have any semblance of order. It's really, really yucky.

My hope is that we get totally OUT of the Aunt and Uncle's house in the next week. Stuff out, Cleaned, Everything back in its place... Finito.

THEN I will turn to settling, organizing and finding places for things in the new house- which really is the better of the two jobs.

We are still going to come over here to use the internet sporadically, but are not able to connect at our new house until our other house sells. :( I am hoping to use the wireless through the library every now and again. It makes me sad not to have all of you at my fingertips, but all the more reason to pray hard for a quick sale. :)

I am really missing all my friends. A lot. Without a date for "next time" it feels like a more permanent separation. That and the turn of seasons. Spring... and we are still here? Not going "home?" I love you, my friends and am thinking of you with tears more often that you know! I'm kind of glad all the moving and cleaning is taking my time up right now. Less time to dwell on missing ya'll!

I will be here the next few days to clean out. I hope to be able to jump on line a couple more times.

I better run. LanMan is probably screaming for his Mommy. Jake is holding down the fort while I "run over and get a load." I will check back soon!
Love you ALL!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Professional Shots

Here is a sampling of the pictures we had taken of Lanman by a WONDERFUL photographer in our area. His three month portraits! I'm posting them for all you far-away loved ones to get a glimpse of!

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Some more photos of our boy...




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Friday, February 15, 2008

For Marti :)

Some house photo updates....
The wood for the floors:

The kitchen countertops:

Opinion needed!!! What would you do with that ivory metal plate/backsplash thing behind the stove? There will be a black microwave/rangehood there soon- I want to just take it down, but am afraid of what I might find behind it!

The new counters and faucets for both baths- laundry room/ half bath and main bathroom:
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