Monday, November 27, 2006

Dahl family update...

We are all alive and well- we've just been hither and yon far too much to keep you updated!

I am back on the bean and it's a good thing. I'll have to post a photo of this new pot. Starbucks sent me a voucher for the next model up (which DOESN'T have the same electrical problems) at a discounted price. The machine kind of looks like an alien space ship, but it makes a great cup of joe, so I'm not complaining.

After my woeful tale of not being able to go with my family to meet Hannah, see the new house and see my sisters-in-law... I ended up being able to go. It was such a wonderful trip! Jaker and I talked the entire way down while the kids slept (except for the occasional shrieking of the eel- I mean, Bella. It was wonderful to take a morning walk with my SIL's, see our beautiful nieces, and enjoy family time. We found out the trip was only 4.5 hours, which is an ol' hat- that's how long it takes to go to my Mom and Dad's- So look out, Seversons, we just might come see you more often! :)

We got back Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday the dust flew as I got our house ready for friends to use while we were away. Tuesday night the younger two kids finished swimming lessons. Doodle passed on to level 3 and Bella said as we got into the car, "I thing I'm starting to like level 2!" (A good thing seeing as how I think she may be in it for awhile!)

Right after lessons we took another 4.5 hour journey to Mom and Dad's for the Thanksgiving holiday! Oh, it was fun. My brother was there (PTL!) and it was the first time all 10 of us (immediate family) were together for a year and a half. Thank you, God! We enjoyed a huge feast with extended family, played multiple games of canasta- our family game- and had a great "day-after-Thanksgiving" shopping spree.
I had NO Christmas gifts bought before the day began and have a lot done now, so I consider it a successful day. The crowds weren't even that annoying, and except for Kohls, the lines weren't long. I think unless you're up before 5 and rushing to be the first one in- that day is overrated. It's not that bad.

So this week we're settling back into school. My goal is to be halfway done with our curriculum by Christmas, which means 20 lessons between now and then. It's doable, but with all the holiday festivities and preparations, I know it's also a hard time of year to stay on track. So, we'll do our best and try to enjoy the season first and foremost. Take Care... Happy Monday!

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Jo Girl said...

Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. I'm also happy you got your caffeine maker now. That has got to be the cherry on top.