Friday, April 11, 2008

I meant for this to be an update... but a photo will have to do. We are alive! And well! Ane missing the internet. Oh, what luxury it is to be online- one I took for granted and miss so much. :( When that house sells- we are reconnecting immediately! Here are our kiddos...

We are moved and semi-settled in the new house. A friend is staying with us as he works in town for a couple weeks and has helped us start to finish off the basement (2bedrooms, a bathroom and family room... along with storage space). Until then it is kind of like living in an apartment, but we are thriving despite the "transition" (aka mess) stage our home is in. :)

I miss you all and send hugs over the internet!
Love ya... Molly
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Betsy said...

We miss you too! Glad you are settling in. When's the next visit? :)

The Carstens Clan said...

Great picture of the kids! Glad everything is going well!

Rach said...

"Keep on keepin' on" in your glorious closeness!
What's that song? ..."Love grows best in little houses, fewer walls to separate..." ;) Love ya!