Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two months in a nutshell

Hi. I am Molly and I formally took an interest in keeping you up-to-date on our family. :)

The apologies for not being a regular blogger are getting old. I have decided to release feeling guilty over not updating weekly, and instead aim for monthly. :) It's just the stage in life we are in.

I have a gem of a photo to share with you...

If you're ever here visiting, or live near us, visit Amber for photos! She's wonderfully talented and a pleasure to work with!
The other kids all took great school pics, but I was not willing to pay $20 a crack for the CD and legal right to post them for you. :) Come and visit- they're on the wall. :)

Noah and Dawson's highlight this fall has been the Morrie Miller youth tackle football league. They learned a lot about the game and had a blast while doing it. Dawson is right up front, #74 and Noah's to the right in the back row, #30.

Ellie has had a great fall... She loves second grade and her teacher. In the past two months she has gotten the opportunity to fulfill her latest dream...

That's right. Horseback riding lessons. She adores Sunny, the horse. She had a dream one night of buying Sunny and has schemes of how she can finagle her Grandpa into getting a horse. Hopefully she will continue riding Sunny when spring comes around.

Ellie's other fun week this fall came when she was cast as a chorus girl in the show "Sleeping Beauty." She loved her time on stage and we all had the chance to see her perform. I hope there are more shows in our future!

Landon's big day came on October 11th when he turned two! :) We are enjoying our days together with walks, storytime and even "school" on Friday mornings (a non-separation ECFE class). Life is good. :)

Jake's been busy running the community flag football program, getting ready to coach youth basketball and literally putting a (new) roof over our heads! He got the chance to roof with some wonderful friends who are home on furlough and gave us a full day of their time. Praise the Lord for safety... even when the two-yr-old decided to climb the ladder (with 5 adults in the near vicinity!!).

I'm staying busy with little projects in and around our home. We got to host some really good friends over a couple of different weekends this fall- that is always a treat! I got to talk an impromptu "girls weekend" away last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the company of some good friends. We've been enjoying our little "Indian summer" the past couple of days. We're looking forward to a fun long weekend ahead (the kids have Friday off!) and a couple of mini-suprises we have up our sleeves. God Bless!


Keri said...

Do you mean to tell me that Noah is one of those tall boys in the back row?!?!

Thanks for posting! It's good to have you back! Love and miss you all!

Dawn said...

Molly: We really enjoy so much your entries and the photo's are just wonderful as well! My Mom really loves reading your entries.

Rach said...

Ellie looks right at home on that pony!
Little Lan-man looks adorable!!! All of the kids are growing so fast. Very cool to see the boys in a football pic!

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