Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Nothing bubbles this mama's heart like a day home with my kids and husband.
Like today! Happy snow day!
My husband, who has already shoveled both our driveway and our neighbor's, is now in the kitchen whipping up the most delicious smelling breakfast. :)

So before the fun begins I thought I'd update you on our last, gulp, two and a half months. :)
Life continues to be blessed in the Dahl house.
December brought our Doodle's 10th birthday! His first gift was a snow day! This is not the first time this has happened. The boy is blessed. His only request was to go bowling and have pizza with his family. Thankfully the bowling alley is just a block away so we slipped and slided over on foot and made all his dreams come true. :) What a sweet, funny boy he is.
Christmas brought lots of snow and a rearranging of Christmas plans. My sweetest memory is Landon bringing each gift to my grandma's lap and opening it with her. She is 91 and getting frail, but her smile was beautiful and his sweet innocence in it all was priceless. The time with family was great. Nintendo made big bucks this year thanks to the Dahl kids...DS's and a wii brought big smiles and friendly competition to our home.

Over Christmas break we got the chance to get together with dear friends from Chetek to play games and swim for the day at a hotel. It's always sweet fellowship. The kids had a blast, the adults had a blast. The only negative part is that we miss them even more after a fun day together. :)

Over New Year's Eve we got to have some dear friends stay with us. Our expanded space made this year's visit even more enjoyable than last. Next year we are either attempting a 24 piece puzzle or taking it off the agenda. I thought I enjoyed puzzles, but the one we attempted just got my dander up. Grr.

January brought Noah's 12th birthday.
I know.
The older he gets the more convinced I am that I'm way too young to have a kiddo this old. He is truly a blessing. So far our tweenager has been (mostly) respectful and (usually) a delight. :) We pray for him a lot.

The week after Noah's big day we attempted (REALLY, for the last time THIS time...) Potty Training 101. Landon has been a pretty compliant little guy, but my expectations we're very high. He surprised us. The first week was a tough "training" week, but on day 7 it clicked. He still doesn't tell us he has to go real often, but stays dry for the most part. We're just hoping summer brings a completely trained little guy.

Jake's birthday wrapped up January. We had a great day of basketball, lunch out with his parents and a long movie/dinner date at the end of the day. What a fun day.

We've tried to open our home to friends more often and have really enjoyed some game nights and dinners with friends.

We are so excited about the opportunity to join a small group through our church! We have started the "Life's Healing Choices" series and are excited both about the curriculum and the group God has brought us into.

Photos to come. They're on the other hard drive.

Well, I'm off to play.
All day.
With my fam. :)
Gotta love that.


Marti said...

Lucky! We don't have any more than can be called a "dusting" here, although it is currently snowing lightly. Not like snow days do us a lot of good anyway, but it's a fun thought. :)

Talk soon.

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