Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An Evil Pest

OK. Yes, we bought a used vehicle. But I really think it's a pretty nice one. I truly try to take very good care of it- vacuuming it regularly (in a nearly OCD way) and running it through the car wash at least twice a month. But we have a problem that has now occurred TWICE. A disgusting problem that I hesitate to even share.

There is a mouse in the van. I know, I know, "there's never just one..." but in my very stubborn rodent-hating mind there is just one. I don't know how or why IT has chosen to be in the van, but we had this trouble this summer when we were out west. Yes there are crumbs a plenty- we have three children after all- and the darn thing could probably thrive all winter in what is jammed in the holes where the seats clamp in. (I do vacuum it- I do...) But why a mouse in the van I love? The quest is on to kill it and I will keep you updated. Meanwhile I will have to run errands with toenails curled into the bottom of my feet...

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FatcatPaulanne said...

Ewww! I know the feeling. We had a mouse in our minivan a while back.