Monday, November 28, 2005

After a two week recess...

... I'm back. We've had a whirlwind couple of weeks going to and fro the farm. It was lots of fun- we got to see all of Jake's siblings (6 kids altogether, none of which live in the same state!) and really enjoyed helping out at the farm. We celebrated my FIL's 60th birthday and returned Friday to decorate for Christmas! I have a few remnants to stash away and finish up, but for the most part the house is festive and now I have only to wade through 4 more loads of laundry!

My snow DID come, and then left again. It is now pouring and as dark as dusk outside. A wonderful day for candles and coffee. I hope to work on our pile of Christmas cards today. We have to write the letter yet and then they are about ready to send out. Our shopping is 95% finished with just some wrapping to "tie up" (ha ha). I'm striving to get preparations done early this year and committing to enjoying this season without feeling like it's just hustle-bustle and to-do lists!

We're looking forward to a family getaway this weekend as we attend the wedding of a family friend. Pool + cable TV + no cooking = a nice break in routine! Plus we get to visit Mom and Dad again to celebrate Doodle's 6th birthday!

I need to switch loads.
Until later...

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Possum Pearl said...

I love candles and coffee days! I am glad that you and the family had an enjoyable time! Still waiting for a good snow... so far, just a few wild flurries! *Sigh*