Thursday, June 01, 2006

Checking things off the list

The packing continues at the Dahl house as our departure date is now only FIVE days away! Yikes! I got my hair cut, have consolidated all the good Disney info we have accumulated (to one page Cliff Notes of highlights for each park including highway exit info, park hours and times for parades, fireworks etc.), and have the suitcase out and ready. A friend graciously offered to take the little ones Monday and I intend to do a room-by-room deep clean and final packing. It will be the last day of school for Jake and Noah, so we'll have a celebration dinner of any and everything left in the fridge. Whoopee! Check, Check, check.

Tonight is our last day of soccer. Jake will bring the kids as I have three-in-a-row at work starting tonight. He'll be heading up with 3 kids, 3 soccer balls, clothes to change said kids into after their games, and a list for deposits and withdrawls to do at the credit union. Check, check, checkity check ...

Today we have a precious 15-mo-old spending the day with us. All is well thus far! She is a sweetie.

Doodle graduated last night from Bible Buddies (Our Wednesday night program for kids age 3 to kindergarten). He's now a Kidquest kid, and was SO ready to move up. His Mommy and Daddy are thrilled, too, as we help out in Kidquest and now have both boys with us!

Well... I better keep moving. check.


Mommy said...

And now you can add that you're getting a pedicure so you can show off those feet in Florida flip-flops. :)

Mrs. House Mouse said...

You must be so excited! I hope that the trip is an enjoyable one for you and the kidlets! :o)