Wednesday, June 14, 2006

(More photos...)

A family photo from the Animal Kingdom (OH, I loved that park!):

The boys sharing a smoked turkey leg (bunch of little carnivores!):

Bella and I enjoyed a Princess Dinner- here she is with her favorite princess, Aurora!

One of the kids' favorite parts of the trip- the hot tub in Mom and Dad's bedroom!

Bella and I on the teacup ride- special bonding!


Seversons said...

Welcome back! Great pics! You look like you got some sun:) Your kids will remember that trip forever!

Mrs. House Mouse said...

So happy to see that you guys had fun! Great pictures!

"Ruby" said...

Memories for a lifetime! Forever you all will be saying, "Oh, remember when we went to Disney and ... "

So glad you had a great trip and are home re-adjusting to real life once again!