Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Saying Goodbye... a process. When your heart is lodged in a community that has become home, "goodbye" isn't easy. We're traveling that process right now and each day holds tears for this mama. It's sweet to have such wonderful memories. It's bittersweet to relive them as this chapter closes.

This is Noodle with his four closest friends from our church family. One last sleepover while we live here and one FUN game of flag football...

We did a "walk down memory lane" treasure hunt with the kids on Saturday to revisit some of our favorite "hometown" spots and talk about the times we had there... Here we are on my favorite in-town hiking trail and our favorite sledding spot, too.

Mmm. One of the kids' favorite play spots! You haven't lived unless you've hung off a metal merry-go-round. Doubt this one would pass any safety inspections in this century. :)

And an update on our 13-day-old... He gets cuter each day, our little Lanman.

More photo updates to come. Tonight is the long-awaited Kids Carnival at church. I'm bringing my camera...
and Kleenex.
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Keri said...

You know, I seem to remember that merry-go-round getting hit by a tree during a storm when I was, like, 8 years old yet somehow they revived it; good thing too because it's a favorite of my kids as well. We are going to miss you guys sooooo! much! and look forward to your visit to Texas with Marti! ;) (hee hee) I'm looking forward to a smashin' ladies retreat!

Daisy said...

What great photos and memories that will be kept along with them! :o)

Beautiful baby(ies)!