Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rambling thoughts on my last few days of our Grand Finale pregnancy

Well, the week we have long been waiting for has arrived!

Lord willing, Thursday at this time I will be holding our little Grand Finale externally rather than internally. He's a ball of energy at the moment, I think he knows I'm typing about him.

It was much easier for everyone tonight to say "goodbye" to Daddy- not for a whole week, but for three days. We'll get him home for 2 1/2 weeks as of Wednesday night!

The plan is that both Jake and my Mom will arrive Wed. night. Jake and I will sneak off to a big ol' Perkins breakfast at the crack of dawn and then off to the "Hospital to the South." Bella was induced as well- they just broke my water- and she was born at 1:18pm, so I have hopes of having him by mid-afternoon. My doctor is going to check us upon arrival and if we are at 3cm, will just break my water, but if not- the nasty pitocin will have to be started. Ya know? At this point I'm just excited the time is here. :)

Landon Jon Mason Dahl. There. I typed his little name. :)

Bella is still praying it's a sister. I guess it could be. She would just be wearing boy clothes for the rest of her infanthood. The Doctor did say "It looks like a boy" not that it IS a boy... She's holding out hope.
Noah announced at supper that he couldn't wait until we had the NEXT baby... as in #5. I laughed out loud. I don't think they "got it" when I said, "No, Mommy is giving Daddy a ten foot pole when this baby comes out." At least until necessary procedures are completed.

Ahhh... My hour-long nap is backfiring as I should be in bed, but am not sleepy. We are due to have thunderstorms tonight- Praise the Lord- as the temps have been in the mid eighties and very humid this weekend. You know you're in Wisconsin when you have summer weather on the weekend and a high of 45 expected by Wednesday. Fall is on it's way! :)

I will update you all Thursday if all goes as planned. :) Of course he COULD come on his own before then...

But don't hold your breath.


Mommy said...

Can't wait to meet him!!!!!!

Keri said...

I am holding my breath until WEDNESDAY! :)

Dittos to Mommy!