Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dear Grandma and PaPa K,

I have missed you So much! I want to tell you all that I have been doing since I saw you last in Madison! I lift my head up really high, and when I do, my eyebrows go really high, too.

I like to play with the toy you gave me for Christmas. Usually one of the big kids stacks it for me, but Mama can tell I'm learning my colors and the order they go in. :)

Mommy and Daddy say I'm looking more and more like my biggest brother Noodle- Especially when my face looks round and moon-like. Like this:

I really like to eat things. Like my hands, my blankie and anything else that comes within reach. This is one of my favorites- my bunny from Miss Heidi!!!

Well, I'm lookin' to get swaddled up. Yeah, I know I'm getting big, but I still like it. I can't wait until Feb. 29th. I'm glad it's the shortest month of the year. I love you and look forward to your snuggles!

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Mommy said...

With his eyebrows raised and the wrinkle in his forehead, he looks like he has a uni-brow. That runs in the family, doesn't it? Not you MD!!! But I'm thinking Uncle Josh? :)

That third pic kind of looks like the Murray quads.

I LOVE his tummy pictures with his raised eyebrows!