Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, I need to apologize for my lack of updates, but life (especially with a baby) has a way of trotting on. We had a great Christmas with my family and enjoyed a RELAXING New Year with wonderful friends. :) Relaxing as in about 15 crossword puzzles!

Here are some photo updates from Christmas... featuring the boys this time:

Our little man:

Doodle's favorite gift- A "Rocket Fishing Rod:"

Noodle, his little bro and one of HIS favorite gifts, a book, of course!


We also need to share some (prospective) exciting news... We found a house and have signed an offer to purchase. It was in the flood, but a man bought it and has cleaned and rebuilt it meticulously. He is working toward having the main floor complete by March 1st when we need to move out of our current accommodations. Yesterday we went to pick out hardwood floors, paint, counter tops and vinyl flooring! :) (We got in on the deal just at the right time for picking things out!)
Lord willing, all will go well. Please pray with us that it does, and that our house in Chetek will sell in His time. It feels as though we have a lot balancing on our plate right now! The van is on the fritz, too, and I am awaiting a phone call from the shop (sadly not "The Shop," Tam) to hear the verdict. Ugh. We are supposed to be headed to Madison tonight so that Mom and I can enjoy our Christmas present from Lottie with her tomorrow!
Again, we will wait on the Lord. :)He is good- All the time. Even with daunting debt and finicky vehicles. ahhh...

Love to all! Happy 2008!


Mommy said...

15 Crows Weird Puss Sills

Keri said...


I cannot believe how much Lan Man looks like you eldest! Will I see you in February????