Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well, summer is drawing to a close and with it my internal instinct to become organized, schedule things and purge our belongings. Which brings a new twist this year as it is the first in five that I won't be formally educating any of our children! :( Their excitement for school is contagious, though, and when I come to realize seasons come and go I am excited for what is on my plate for this season.

I get a second chance at a first child! Which is not exactly the truth of it, but Lanman and I will have one-on-one time all day long, which is kind of a first child thing. I pray I'm a bit more relaxed than I was with Noodle at this age. I'm sure Lanman will have plenty "baby of the family" traits but I am looking forward to the 1:1 time that I didn't have as much with our middle kids.

I know myself pretty well, and know that a lack of structure isn't what is best for me. I am looking to dredge up an old friend- my index card box! Those of you who I attended church with will remember the system a dear friend taught us of organizing your tasks with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly cards. Didn't fit our lifestyle for the past five years real well, but I think a revised system will help me get to all the things I want to make a priority this year. Like finishing the Bible Studies and books I've started but never quite finished, and make exercise a regular part of my routine for the first time in my life. Allowing myself an hour a day to do things like that will feed my "check it off the list" hunger I have! :)

I look forward to settling our things into the basement rooms as soon as they are finished, and look forward to going through the abyss of a garage we are storing everything in for the time being.

I found out about the fall Bible Study at our church yesterday and look forward to taking part in it weekly. Childcare is provided!

I look forward to getting into menus and cooking again. I love trying new things and looking through cookbooks to find recipes for things we have on hand. This hasn't happened for a solid year and a half. I love having family meals and things ready for them when the kids walk in the door. I look forward to making banana bread and cookies and having time to chat with them about their days!

I think it's going to be a quieter fall. More quiet than last year, anyway, which isn't a stretch. :) Not everyday will be orderly and calm, BELIEVE ME- I KNOW, But I'll take it as it comes. I am excited to see what's in store.


laura said...

Hey Molly Long time . Wow you are doing great . Life changes so much . Keeping up is a challeng but good always comes out of it. We are keeping up with our chages New place to live, lost job,deloes ill in hospital , lost 2grandfathers a few months ago .
keep up the great work I admire you . I think of u and jake all the time of how you do what you do for your family and that keeps me going knowing we can do the same. We just do it and enjoy life so much. new address 2524 john street eau claire wi 54701 . same phone numbers. Hope to hear from u and hope someday we came get together Rob says hello

Rach said...

Index cards. Very nice. I think mine need to come poster board sized, though!