Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A new season begins

Well, the long awaited day has flown past. School has started again. No one has looked more forward to this day than our Bella, who began her first day of public school in the First Grade.

Everyone had a great day. I loved hearing all the details upon their return home. Noodle had homework (Darn 5th grade teacher! :)), and Doodle had a large scab due to a playground wipe-out, but all in all it was a good start.

Lanman and I had a great day. After teaching one of the kids in the mornings for the past 5 years I couldn't believe how productive our morning was! We read together, and he took a great nap in a quiet house. We took a walk to the hardware store, grocery store and post office, and learned an important life lesson about the dog dish that I am sure I will have to repeat daily. :) ( I would say, "No, Lanman." to which he would heartily shake his head "Nooooo..." as he climbed in with that chubby little fist for more Kibbles.) Oh, what a treat he is, naughtiness and all. :) I loved my day with him.
Here's a photo from the bath Noodle offered to give him the other night... Entitled, "Mom, you've gotta see this!"

Oh, and I leave you with our newest portrait:

Have a great week!


Tina said...

Great photo of all the kids! Looks like a good first day for you all!

Rach said...

Ha ha haaaaaaaa!! Remember those "Buddy Lee" dolls? He he he!!

Mommy said...

Love the bath photo...though it borders on risque. :)

Crazy week here!! Talk to you soon. Come run a garage sale with me on the 13th.