Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baby, it's CoLd outside!

I am very grateful for our cozy home (though we have window condensation issues and small chunks of ice forming inside some of them... Too well insulated?! Ugh.) and a husband who was willing to pick up milk, the mail and stop at the bank yesterday. That left Lanman and I able to cozy-in and (I would like to say read ahead of a warm fire all day) clean. We don't have a fireplace (though it's on my short-list right after "basement finishing") and had icky dust bunnies ruling the joint, so clean we did! He "helps." :) We did read quite a bit as he is very much like his eldest brother and will sit for up to an hour on my lap looking at books. There is a lot of "Ehh?" pointing and me repeating the same animal names and sounds, but he does "Bzz" for bees, snorts like a pig, "Boooo" for cows and makes the funniest little panting sound for puppies, so reading "The Little People Farm Book" 12 times a day is working its magic.

Last week did indeed bring a snow day on Doodle's Golden Birthday. I will admit my exhaustion at the end of the day. I was in turbo-decluttering-mode. Whew. We had a fun day despite an exhausted mama. Jaker's first game was delayed, which means there are now two weeks in January with 3 games. :) This, too, is just a season. A LONG, cold season. :)

The Christmas concert was also postponed from last Monday night to Thursday, and the kids did a great job. Unlike last year, Doodle did not roll his eyes with each song change. Bella's bow was a bit askew and made her look a bit like a Who from Whoville, but boy, she sang those songs with gusto. :) I apologize as photos are still on my camera and if I get up I may never come back to finish this post.

The weekend brought a trip to see Holly Jo, my dear college roomie! She and her family are so fun to be with. Our girls play beautifully together and Lanman the brute met his match with their little Gracie. It was good for him to be on the other end of tumble-to-the-floor Hugs. :) My MIL and I did a lefse demonstration for the Scandinavian promotion at Holly's cute Gourmet Kitchen Store... On my top ten list of favorite places to hang out. :) The lefse turned out beautiful thanks to Joyce's expertise and Ohh, I had so much fun with Holly! :) Love you, girl!

So here we are, just 9 days from Christmas! Yeah!! I am so excited for the next two weeks of togetherness! This weekend we are headed to Madison to celebrate with my parents and siblings. I'm counting the moments!

Tonight is Jake's first home game and I am officially out of the running for wife-of-the-year as I am really torn between going to the game and watching the Season Finale of Biggest Loser. It's the only show we watch. Ever. So seeing as there are 24 more games and only this one Finale, am I justified in my split devotion? Probably not. I should probably just record it and go. Alright, Alright... You talked me into it. (We ARE supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow this afternoon... I suppose it would be bad to pray for a delay, too? :) )

Well, here's to a attempt to blog our daily comings and goings a bit more.
Have a Blessed Week!


Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

we have that issue too with many of our windows. I need to investigate. It doesn't seem like a good thing. Let me know if you know a solution...besides new windows.

molly said...

Ya know, I'm not thinking it's the windows, though, do you? They don't leak, it's the moisture from condensation that seeps down and then freezes. They were perfect all last winter until this year when we are linving in it and showering and such. In fact, it didn't start for us until we turned the furnace on. Weird, eh? I blamed it on the honey-comb type insulating blinds-- Holding the moisture between the blind and the window. Ugh. Whatever. I get mad when i think about it-- it's a relatively new house!

Seversons said...

Yeah Michelle + black team! I bet Bob is just fuming that he can't beat Jillian!!