Monday, June 01, 2009

End of an era...


In case you can't read what the kids are signing- it's L-A-S-T as in LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!
Can you just feel the excitement?
Memories of trips to the Dairy Queen in celebration fill my mind. :)
As a Mom I think I am just as excited for the long summer on the horizon!

This "last day" marks the last day of elementary school for our eldest.
He's a Middle Schooler.
How can that be?
Didn't we just bring him home from the hospital?
Wasn't our home just filled with the excitement of him learning to read?
Wasn't he just in the playroom surrounded by bins marked "weapons" and "guys," wearing a cape and goggles and not thinking a thing of it?
He'll always be that little boy to me.
The one we've practiced this role called "parenting" on.
(And sometimes failed miserably!)

Those days have flown by.
Now are the days of hair goop, deodorant and hard choices.
Having to stand up for what's right and sometimes swim against the flow.
And as he grows the memories will still be collected.
New firsts will come.
With tears on my cheeks, I'm learning to cherish these "lasts..."
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P.S. For you Moms that are up for a challenge along these lines, try to read this book without crying. I haven't done it yet.

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