Thursday, May 07, 2009

My lack of blog posts lately has been quite intentional. We are committed to getting our basement done ASAP, so every spare minute has been spent painting. Here is an exceptionally blurry photo of the boys' accent wall... Mind you, this was my compromise to their plea for neon splatter painting! (Classy style, eh? :) ) The rest of their walls are a calm soothing "Summer Lake."

And as long as I'm on, here is a glimpse of Bella and Jake before they left for the Daddy/Daughter dance on Sunday. :) My girly was in her glory! Dressing up and Daddy... her two very favorite things!

Suffice it to say Jake and I had a SpECtAcULaR trip to Charleston. We had a blast together and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I hope to share more sometime soon. For now I am off to wake my boy and head out with two of my very best friends on our annual haunt. :) I can't WAIT.
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Seversons said...

Love the wall!! Very fancy. Great pic of Daddy + Ellie :)

Mommy said...

I love the splatters! They don't look all. :) And I'm glad you didn't go with neon splatters. That sounded very 80's.

We're settling in with our treasures. :)

Rach said...

The boys' room looks very cool!!! Looking forward to the trip pics.

noodles said...

can you believe that noodles made a scar on a 4th grade girls hand by doing the ABC game much too rough?? How nasty of him!!