Monday, September 07, 2009

Letter from a nearly-two-year-old:

Dear Mimi (and any other dear souls who are still checking this blog after a summer off),

It's me, Landon.

My mom has been terrible at blogging this summer. She's had a lot of fun with us in the meantime. We go places a lot. I like my car seat, so it's all good. One of the best places we went was to the zoo with you and Papa. I liked that a lot.

Mom says it was the zoo you used to take her to when she was a little girl.
She says you wouldn't buy her those awesome plastic molded animals either.
Here are my siblings and the picnic you packed for us. I was in the back of the van with Papa. Thanks, Mimi for a fun weekend!

Another fun time was when you and Papa came to visit and it rained, so we couldn't do the bike trip we planned, but you and Ellie and my mama went on a day trip. Ellie reads from her "Betsy Tacy" books to me, but I'd rather play with cars. She told me you had lots of fun together.

Mimi, I really liked camping with you. I liked the choo choos. We got to hear them every hour! My favorite part was running down the hill between our campsites. My brothers loved the Trivial Pursuit part the best and Ellie loved the swimming. Wasn't that a fun beach, Mimi? Mom and Dad sure made us leave in a hurry. I'm not sure what all the fuss was about- I loved running around getting soaked. They set all those tents up for a couple of days when we got home again anyway- something about them being drenched?
Here's a picture from our hike I loved it so much I passed right out! Thanks for waiting at the bottom of the bluff with me. :)

Well, Mimi, I'm off to bed. Seems like something's gonna happen here tomorrow. All the big kids are excited and have these bags lined up by the door. Mom says my little world's gonna be rocked- doesn't that sound like fun?!
I wuv you, Mimi. Thanks for checking in on us. My mom thinks she'll have time to write on here more now.
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