Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Not quite getting it...

Our Doodle is such a fun kid. He's full of life, and cuddles. He does, however have his moments where he just doesn't quite "get it."

This morning Jaker dropped him off for his summer school T-ball class, and I came to pick him up at the end. When he got in the van he asked, "Did you go yet?"

I questioned, "Go where?"

He said, "To Uncle Jonathan's."

Now, our house is in a chaotic state as we are about to travel halfway across the country for a month with three children in a mini-van WITH a top carrier- neither of which are packed (as we were sitting IN the above mentioned vehicle) and he wants to know if we "quick" ran out there during his hour and a half long class, with his brother across the state at camp.
"No, honey, we didn't."

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Ringmaster said...

Just wait until the umpteenth "are we there yet?" We will miss you all SO much! Can't wait 'til you're back. But I'm so excited for you that you're going.