Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Looking forward to routine

I am back, after a wonderful weekend away! HM and I had a wonderful weekend together. Aren't you thankful for the friends you can really be real with? We talked about wonderfully deep issues of belief and faith and working though tough stuff. I am so thankful for her and our friendship- It's our 10 year anniversary this month. Happy Anniversary, Hol!!!

I am very much looking forward to the routine of fall setting in. It's different having my big boy away (well, both of them, actually!), though he is "LOVING" school at the moment (let the newness pass and we'll see how he's really doing with it!). Jaker is steadily settling into a new role in the elementary school which is much more "shepherd-like" than his role at the middle school. He's busy, busy adjusting to the schedule and when he needs to be where to lead his kids. I think he enjoys it, though- the beginning of the school year (especially in a new place) seems to be a draining time for most teachers!

Doodle is doing fabulously with Kindergarten! I've really been enjoying the time with him. He goes in early next week to have the rods taken out of his leg, so pray that his recovery time is short.

Bella joins us in school, and could really be doing the same stuff we do, but I get a folder together for her each day with workbook pages in it. Today she had to cut out a circle, and did pretty normal 3-yr.-old cutting so there were straight cuts all around the shape. She held it up and said, "Mom, isn't this silly? It looks like a pentagon!!!" OK...

I'm thankful for the "simpleness" of our life, even in the busy times. God has been so good to us.

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