Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Working best under pressure

The clock is ticking and here I sit blogging instead of knocking things off the list before I head out tomorrow. Beans to freeze, Clothes to wash and other clothes to sort through, a checkbook to work with [again :)], etc...

My very best friend from college, HM, graciously invited me to join her this weekend on a get-away to Orlando! She has taken care of everything... All I need to do is pack (still working on that) and be ready to leave at 7am tomorrow. We are attending Paula White's "Satisfied Women 2005" retreat at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate. Please pray for HM, though. I know this all sounds way fun, and I pray it will be, but this weekend marks the 2nd anniversary of HM's parents tragic death. Pray that she stays migrane-free and that I can be the companion she needs. She has been so strong- and points only to the Lord for that strength, so pray that satan wouldn't be able to crack through the peace she's found in God this weekend. Photos to follow!

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