Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A newsy update...

Oh, how time flies! First of all tomorrow marks one year of Doodling with the Dahls...We're a lively bunch!

Secondly, I thought I just posted a day or two ago, and here a week has already passed. Sorry.

Life rolls on. I am thoroughly enjoying the Bible Study we started at church, "Living Your Life As a Beautiful Offering" by Angela Thomas. She touches on so many basic areas that I have head knowledge of, but not heart knowledge. I'd definitely recommend it.

We're enjoying our first basketball-free week! Last night Jake came along to the last night of swimming lessons! It was so nice to have him there! Noah and Bella both passed to the next level, and Doodle did incredibly well for his first time in Level 2.

School with Doodle is going well. His reading improves each week! We are working double time this week as I intend to take the week off next week (a "spring break" of sorts). The little ones and I are headed to Jake's parents to work on the quilt and visit for 2 1/2 days. Wednesday will be a big laundry/packing day and then early Thursday morning we're headed to the state tournament (with a night at an indoor waterpark resort on the way!)

Noah's homeroom teacher is back after his paternity leave. Noah came home from school with two big folders full of corrected homework and did extremely well. He also brought home a "High Five" award for good behavior. We're still really happy with the choice to put him into public school this year. I miss him terribly during the day, but see him growing and maturing in a lot of ways and he hasn't been "ruined" by his peers just yet! :)

Bella was up most of the night Sunday night with a sore throat and ear. I brought her in to the clinic and it took everything in me to hold her as the doctor tried to peer into the sore ear to no avail. She is one tough cookie. The doctor asked if we had been swimming as the tenderness indicated an outer ear infection. Ah, yeah. Twice a week now for a month! Her throat was very red and swollen, he could see the ear pain, though not internally, so he gave her drops and Amoxicillin and she is a different girl. Our kids have all had numerous ear infections in their first 3 years, and I've been trying to hold off bringing them in at the first complaint, but a night where neither Jake, Bella or I slept was too much. I'm thankful it will be better by next weekend!

Well, just a "newsy" post, but I've gotta run. There's a pie and coffee cake in the oven and Turkey Phillies to be grilled!

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Mama Heffalump said...

Sounds like the newsy is mostly good newsy! *Smile*

Hope little Bella is soon feeling better! *Praying*

*btw* Happy Blogaversary!