Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Week in a nutshell

So I started writing this long post about all our ramblings lately and Blogger ate it. Ugh.

I'll give you a short synopsis of our last week. We returned from the farm to our heavy quilt of snow, only to see the forecast. More snow, 6-8 inches of it, and right to our weekend travel destination. That left Wednesday last week as a unpack, launder 6 loads, repack for 5 people for four days, motel, waterpark, and food. Prep van(vacuum and wash) repack said vehicle, make supper, head to church and be on the road again (3 hours south this time) by 8pm.

We got there through little weather and enjoyed an indoor waterpark (our first experience) the entire next day as it snowed and swirled outside. AHHH...
It. was. a. BLAST!

Friday it was on to the boys State Tourney where my DH enjoyed guy time as he almost never has before. Jake, a good friend, and our BIL, unlimited basketball dawn to dusk. He so deserved some good R&R- I was thrilled for him.
The kids and I had our share of fun, too. We got to hang out with a friend and her daughter. We were on my sister's stompin' grounds and she graciously navigated us through the traffic to the Children's Museum, Noodles & Co., a HUGE Kid's Expo (thus the rock climbing). My Mom also joined us (treating us to meals out galore) and brought the kid/adult ratio to one on one- we had a lot of fun. The only bummer of the weekend was that the friends we traveled with were sick, one after another.

We got home Sunday and after two and a half whole days home are hitting the road again this afternoon- this time to a conference that just so happens to be 30 minutes from my parents house... So a short visit to mom and dad's- thanks to the school. We'll be back tomorrow night- just enough time to see the boatload of color they've doused their house with over the past few weeks!

So- the road trips continue (no complaints here!) and the Dahls will check back in over the weekend.


Mama Heffalump said...

Sounds divine! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! *Grin*

Ellie said...

Molly- I have a few minutes to myself and I've had fun catching up on what your family has been up to. You've been busy! I love your heartfelt approach to life and mommyhood. You are a wonderful example to me. I miss you my friend!
Ellie :)