Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stain season

It is upon us again... grass stained knees and ground in dirt. I need to go out and load up on some sort of stain treater. I love Biz for soaking, but I'm searching for a good spot cleaner. I've never used Oxyclean (that's for soaking or adding to a load, right?). I've tried Spray and Wash with mixed results. One thing I do like and have had success with (especially on grease-based stains) is Goop Hand Cleaner. What do you use?


"Ruby" said...

I am so not kidding when I say that Shaklee Liquid L tops the charts in stain removal!!!!!!!!

I started using Shaklee out of desparation - my son was VERY allergic to any hint of fragrance in anything. The supermarket brands that were frangrance and dye free just didn't clean the clothes. So I tried Shaklee's unscented laundry soap and will NEVER USE ANYTHING ELSE AGAIN! The really great part is that I use it full strength on the tough stains, I water it down a bit to make it sprayable and put it in a spray bottle for everyday stains, and I you only a use a 1/4 cup of detergent for a large load of laundry! Because it does all that, I only have to buy ONE thing and a huge box lasts me about 4 months. When I did the figuring, it wasn't any more expensive than Tide!

It has gotten permanent marker out of clothes, I used it with vinegar and water to get pizza puke stains off my daughters white carpet (incidently, she had NEVER thrown-up on the floor until she had white carpet - ROFL), and the really nice thing is, if it doesn't all of the stain the first time, it eventually will. Very few stains can't be removed. Just last week I put the concentrated stuff on a pink shirt of my daughters that had shopping cart wheel stains on it - DON'T ASK! - and let it sit for a bit. When I went to throw it in the wash - the stains were completely gone!

It's also easy to find a place on-line to get Shaklee. If you want a site you can trust I can post the address to the one I order from - and actually, the gal I order from would be thrilled! Her husband's business is not doing so great right now and they are expecting their 6th child in a few weeks!

Done rambling! Have a great day and I am on my way to email you.

Mama Heffalump said...

I use Clorox spray stain remover. *Wink*