Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Off to Celebrate!

We've been enjoying BE-A-U-tiful weather in the northwoods and EVERYONE in the Dahl house is lovin' it! The kids have been out as soon as the books close in the morning. Noah suddenly has an urge to be homeschooled again, as "you get to play more!" This from a kid with two recesses! TWO! I swear I grew up in the dark ages. one measly recess...
This morning I dug through my freezer madly trying to figure out what I could bring along to Easter at mom and dad's this weekend. NOT because of pressure of what to contribute, but rather a gentle reminder from my husband that the 1/2 a pig we ordered is coming next week! AHHH! So, Grammy Bird is going to be the lucky recipient of some frozen zucchini (I come from a long line of zucchini bread eaters), and a frozen ham bone (in a long-looked-for rubbermaid container). Not being a fan of pea soup, I'm not real sure why I saved it (except that I was raised very German and the thought of throwing away something that would cause a depression-era German to gasp ... I just felt the pressure to throw it in the freezer).

So, we're just awaiting the arrival of DH. The van is packed and ready and the children are snacking on non-chocolate things (we've had bad experiences with chocolate, the car and vomit. ugh). We're off to have a good old-fashioned holiday with the extended family. Easter is a very big deal in my family. My siblings, as well as the 3 cousins and now our spouses (as 20-somethings, anyway, I'm not sure if it crosses into 30-somethings) have had basket hunts to end all basket hunts... Hid 15 miles away, crawlspaces, open fields... We're talking hard core. Oh- the TRUE reason of the season is celebrated as well. :)

Happy Easter everyone!

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Mama Heffalump said...

~Happy Easter!~ *Smile*