Friday, April 07, 2006

My life... in fours

I've done one similar to this, but I'm game! (I'll try to give some new answers)

4 Jobs I've Had:
1. Mommy
2. server at a Relais and Chateau property
3. CNA in a nursing home
4. Office Assistant in the Student Senate office inn College

4 Movies/Shows I've Been Addicted To:
1. ER (Used to be)
2. Dateline
3. Law and Order
4. Jeopardy

4 Places I've Lived:
1. Small town in east-central Wisconsin
2. Small town in north-westren Wisconsin
3. Medium sized town in northren Wisconsin
4. a summer camp cabin (ya know, for a couple weeks at a time!)

4 Countries I'd like To Visit:
1. Brazil
2. Yap (Micronesia- we have friends that are missionaries there)
3. Ireland
4. Scotland (return visit)

4 Popular False Assumptions About Me:
1. I am confident
2. I have this organization thing down (closet and cupboard doors hide a lot)
3. I have led a pristine life
4. I have a storybook marriage (does anyone?)
(the last two are in agreement to Ruby...)

4 People I Look Like:
1. RG from church!
2. a boy from Green Bay, WI (funny story... I attended the Shopko fireworks in Green Bay with friends in early college and as we were slowly leaving we were behind this truck and the boy sitting on the tailgate looked like he could have been my brother. At the time my friends and I were convinced he was, as I was adopted! I have a photo of me and the poor kid.)
3. ???
4. ???

4 Things I Hope To Do Before I Die:
1. Instill in my children joy and love of the Lord, and watch them walk with Him
2. Hike the AT (right, Jaker?)- OK, probably only a portion af it.
3. Travel round the world with my husband (kids, too if they're in!)
4. Spend time with short(long?)-term foreign missions

There, now it's your turn Laura!

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