Friday, February 09, 2007

A little update

Ahhh... It's Friday.
It's been a weekful! We were busy every night this week. Good things, just busy.
Add together one truck that didn't start (circa 1985, windchills of
-20- it's no surprise, just inconvenient), two away games, one church night, one "working-mama" night, and parent-teacher conferences (1 parent + 1 teacher/parent)- well, that all equals one wife and one husband that didn't see much of each other!

The kids are tucked snugly in their beds. I drank a hot mug o'joe TOO late in the evening (which leaves me able to be awake for my DH's arrival home).

Tomorrow is Princess Bella's FIFTH birthday tea... We did some preparations today and I really should do a little more cleaning in the morning (but I might not- consider yourselves warned!:)). Tomorrow's the boys' last morning of basketball, though. Excuse? maybe. Priorities? definitely. :) (I'm learning, people, I'm learning!)

I really need to post photos soon. Is it bad that I think Noodle's birthday photos from a month ago (Has it really been a month?!?) are still on the camera? Ooh- I'll get on that.

G'night all.

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