Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well, all is well at the Dahl house. Everyone (Daddy especially) is excited about the baby. Bella and I are headed to the doctors' offices tomorrow. Her to the pediatrician for her 5-year check-up and I to the OB. At least at this point we all have a great relationship with him and there is little anxiety. I'm thankful for our doctor.

Bella had a grumpy day. She has a bit of a cold and just wants her daddy on days like today, which leaves us all wishing he were here. She went to bed early, so hopefully the morning will bring a more chipper Bella.

Doodle and I have been plugging away with school. We are working hard with some high-frequency words. Reading them is easy for him, but spelling is a totally different story. A couple of times I have said, "Close your eyes and picture it," and he seems to do better. I do not learn like he does. He's got me stumped some days. I'm not giving up on him, though. The day will come too soon when he doesn't WANT to curl up in a ball on my lap and "do school just cuddling." :) I'll be sad when it does.

Noodle is doing well in school. He's been jumping rope with a bunch of other 3rd graders at recess for quite awhile now and really seems to enjoy it. Ahh, the sweet innocence. I'd like to bottle him up. :)

I'm off to bed. I'm trying to plug my way through Wicked before we go to see the show in Chicago in March. Very different book. I'm interested in how it will be done onstage.
Good Night for now...


Tammy said...

I wondered if you'd read the book when you said you were seeing the play. I started the book a few years ago, got 1/2 way through, and said "nope." I never picked it up again.

I'm assuming your mom knows about the b-day surprise, since you posted about it.

See you later this morning!

molly said...

Yeah, I am not too sold on getting through it. It's really weird. I have heard that the show is very different from the book. I think that will be a good thing.