Thursday, March 22, 2007

In which I compare my child to a citrus fruit

This is the size of the baby this week- we're back up to ten weeks. :) She/He is a kumquat. the kids are amazed at the updates in physical development we get each week from Babycenter. Ellie always gushes, "OH, Awww... I just love our baby!!" and gives my very normal abdomen a big cold kiss. I hope the love continues.

Jake and the kids are off to the Basketball banquet at school- a pizza buffet for which I am grateful (not to be in the midst of supper preparation, I mean). After a busy day I am staying home! I hope to go for a walk and then return to pack for a get-away this weekend! Me, and as De put it, forty of my closest friends! :)

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Lisa said...

God bless lil Kumquat! :o)

Enjoy the get-away! *Hugs*