Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We did school today from 8 -10:30!!! Now to some that isn't a biggie at all, but lately we've been starting so late that it takes the whole morning. We're getting down there... 25 lessons in the curriculum to go, but much reading and writing and spelling to teach in the "off-season." (Oh, and gestating and building on an addition, and spring cleaning, and purging of junk, and...) Yeah, we're really never "done."

Life is rolling along here at the Dahl house. We have friends visiting today and you wouldn't know there are any kids here. A gray, drizzly day + Little House + Pollys = quiet. Ahhh.

I am off to get Teriyaki Chicken prepped for supper.

Oh- I got these for my kids for Easter today. Check out the website... The words on these CD's are straight from Scripture, yet a bit more appealing to a little bit older kids than Steve Green's classics "Hide 'em in your Heart." I'm excited to get them! Thank you, Girltalk ladies for the suggestion!


Lisa said...

Busy bees! *Buzzz!*

SiouxSue said...

Love your family blog. I came here from Lisa's blog and have enjoyed it so much. Congratulations on the baby and on doing the homeschooling. I admire anyone who can do that! I was a school teacher for 20+, and I've really admired those who home school. God bless you and your family.