Friday, June 08, 2007

My dad is up "visiting-" with Jake at least- as they rip the side of the house off. I will share photos... Just as soon as I find the camera under all this dust! I think that old houses get their smell from the nasty blown in dust(insulation) that is in the walls. Our house smells like a grandma house or an antique shop, or a dusty ol' attic right now. Mmm... You're jealous, aren't ya? :)

I am content feeding the masses with a fridge that has never been fuller. I invited friends over to play, and ya know... It's been such a blessing to me. They are playing outside on bikes, doing treasure hunts and all around just doing exactly what kids should do on summer vacation. It's a beautiful breezy, sunny day and God is good.

Have a great day... I'll share photos of our de-construction soon!

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