Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our weekend in pictures

I was called off of work last night and we scooped up the opportunity for a family night. We started a campfire early enough to have hot dogs and s'mores for supper (nutritional information unavailable). We then had the kids all take baths as I ran out for a "surprise" and did a family movie night. Here are the boys thoroughly enjoying their dogs at the campfire:

(Yes, Noodle's hair is VERY shaggy. I am making an appointment with my hairdresser this week to have him "shaped up.")

And after a dry early spring, God has been blessing us with more rain than a builder cares for! Jake did finish the sheeting and got a majority of the floor trusses in place this weekend. He also started to put the floor sheeting on. The next step (unfortunately) is to cut into the house to finish the trusses.
The dust factor is on the rise, people!

And this last photo shows just how big and responsible our eldest is getting. He mowed the lawn for the first time yesterday and did a bang-up job! (We thought we'd break him in this year while half of the yard is dirt... His job will double next year!) For those of you alarmed at his lack of footwear- easy, easy. The mower is not on in this photo! I had him pull it out of the shed for a photo after his protective shoes and yes, even safety glasses were put away!

I will have one more photo of joy for you as soon as Doodle and Jaker return with their on-loan summer toy!
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fannie said...

OMGosh, Molly!!!! I can't believe how BIG your kids are getting. I know you just said that about mine, too, but man alive!!! :) I, for one, love the shag. :) Quite the "in thing" right now, too.