Thursday, June 21, 2007

To catch you up...

Well, we've had a busy week thus far! I am generally pretty organized, but this week has brought me to my planner frequently to stay on top of all that is buzzing.

Noodle is spending this week at our local camp. I have no doubt he is having great fun. Because the camp is right here in town I have been tempted more than once to "drive by" and just see if I can catch a glimpse of him, but have resisted thus far. This is his third week at summer camp... He went two years ago to the camp I grew up going to and then last year spent a week at his current digs. This year brings a trip to BOTH as next week he and Doodle will spend a week together at LLBC. I am thrilled for them as camp brought about spiritual bounds in my life. I pray God will use it in a big way in my children's' lives as well.

Doodle and I woke early with aspirations of strawberry picking, only to find a well-timed e-mail from a good friend letting us know the patch was closed for ripening. All is well. We may try for tomorrow, but the Lord knows my plate for today is brimming and aside from Doodle's initial disappointment (that lasted .2 seconds until he launched himself in bed with Daddy to cuddle), I am grateful for the extra hours to prepare for this busy day and the next. Dood and I are headed to a small waterpark today with good friends, and then Jake and I are headed to "The King and I"( in which a dear friend has the role of Anna) tonight. The production is being held at a charming little theater that is in an old barn- one of our favorite places to see a show. It's bound to be a good one!

Bella has been thoroughly enjoying Summer School the past two weeks. She loves her teacher and has new little friends. The other day she dramatically pronounced that the last day of class she was going to come home and "just cry and cry." Ahh, the gift of emotion in even young girls. Lord, help me! :)

Our addition (the itty-bitty moving one) is growing quickly! We are at 23 weeks now and if I get the courage I'll update you with a belly photo (please use caution and sunglasses when viewing- It's a glaring white monstrosity!). Babycenter tells me the wee one is around 11 inches and just over a pound! I have been trying to stay as active as possible, but I feel like the weight is compounding daily despite my efforts. I worry not about the baby's healthy birth weight. Any guesses? :)

Our bedroom addition is going well, too. I haven't shared photos the past couple days as the work is more subtle. Jake is finishing the internal framing and prepping for drywall. We are expecting (and hoping for) both the electrician and heating/cooling man today, so if all goes well we could have a final inspection tomorrow or Monday and then insulation and drywall will begin! It's fun to walk through it and has been fun to pick tile, flooring, doors, lights, etc. throughout the past week.

There... I think you are updated on our kids and lives. We love you all and look forward to being with extended family- on both sides- soon!

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Just dropping by your blog for the first time and I really enjoyed it.