Saturday, September 22, 2007

Growing Up

Do you believe that this (not-so-little) baby girl...

Has grown into this big girl who can EZ Bake? :)

Here she is with the fruit of her labor... Such a proud moment!

Hold those babies close... They grow up too fast.


Mommy said...

Seeing that picture of your baby girl makes me wonder again what your baby boy will look like...and how fast the time will come when you're doing a post like this for him (only with something besides an Easy Bake Oven.)

busy bees said...

life is wounderful. you are so right enjoy every day . they grow fast. Jesse soon 17 driving . Kayla a young women 13. Ashley/ Jordan soon will be 3 . An Andrea now 10 mos .
you and jake are wounderful people. Every day is a new adventure and changes . They say god has all the planes for a person and will not give us more than we can handle. good luck . and let us know when new baby is here .Kayla says hello

Nicole Eidenschink said...

Hi Mr.Dahl,
This is nicole from school. Your new baby is so cute! I wish I had a baby brother or sister.

xoxoxoxoxoxox Nicole