Monday, February 02, 2009

Ahhh... a busy Monday is behind us.
I cleaned like a crazy woman today. I apologized to Lanman, assuring him that tomorrow would be play day. I had him "help" as much as a 15-mo-old can. He caught up on sleep with a couple good naps and tonight the house is feeling much better.
The laundry is finished and ready to be put away in the morning.

Jaker had his fourth victory in a row tonight and is hopeful for tomorrow night's game. Due to weather postponements there are 12 games in 25 days during February. Talk about a race to the finish! :)

Knowing this was ahead I snuck him away for his birthday Friday night (Thanks to his mom taking the kiddos- Thank You, Joyce!) to a whirlpool suite. I really wanted to have a hot tub installed in our back yard, but instead he got to relax in the whirlpool and the hot tub, he got to watch a movie in its entirety and sleep in in the morning. Ahhh... A little R&R for a well deserving coach, husband and daddy. :)

We got to spend Sunday with great friends at the same hotel (actually the room next door!)-- Swimming, EATING, watching the BOWL and catching up. We love the Poppes. :)

Our evenings are full lately with games, of course, but also with homework, reading, practicing of instruments (piano for Bella and Doodle, percussion for Noodle), football tossing (Doodle), and the chore list I come up with during the day! :) (It's usually pretty minimal- There's no time for a long list!)
The big kids love to read with their headlamps before bed, so we leave time for that and before I know it there's our evening! We make a habit of a family game night or two throughout the week (Mama's orders). :)
I'm off to bed.
Have a great week, one and all!

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